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How to Keep Hotel Sheets on the Bed Video

It is hard to believe, but 90 percent of the beds on the planet in hotel, the sheets do not stay on, you can wake up on a bare mattress.

Sun, 8 Jul 2012 06:39:14

Have you ever woken up to find yourself sleeping on a bare Hotel mattress?

If not, travel more, and I guarantee you will, unless that is, you make the sheets stay on the bed with safety pins.

The solution for most hotels is to clean the room, and make the bed daily, which probably is seldom needed. Maybe every three days is environmentally correct, and leaves the small carbon footprint.

And, allowing the maid to clean the room alone is almost a given, you will be robbed a little on lot of occasions. Generally a smart maid only take enough so you are not sure if you was robbed or not.

Have fun, but do not be a heathen, be civilized, keep your sheets on the bed.

You cannot pay enough to not have this problem, this is a travel tip for everyone.


Make your sheets into fitted sheets.