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Hobo Traveler has a 1, to 100 star system. The more stars, the more members can trust you, and recommend you. -- Note --- Bad Boys, Bad Girls, please get verified, or ability to comments will stop after grace period of 10 comments.

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"Get Your First Membership Star Today." 

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After 10 questions, 10 comments, we require you to prove you are a real person, this is for your protection. Advice from anonymous people is worthless. People who have no desire to be your friend, our friend, who show no good will will be delete without warning.


Star Rating System for

---  This is a work in progress --- 

Some rules are active, others are not, the system will go 100 percent live within 59 days. 

August 16, 2019

Greetings Hobos,

Members can earn stars, with travel experiences, and by helping other travelers. Here is a list of ways to earn stars, from 0-100, with 100 being the most possible. 

Please note, the number of stars will continually change, as we evolve, and adjust, adapt to what members do. Please be warned, to game, or be clever, can result in negative stars. Our goal, our mission is to help members find honest, real advice, allow people to weigh who is the best of the best.

Thank you,

Andy Lee Graham CEO, and Founder of, a 19 year old, Travel Lifestyle, Social Network, join, and get you first star today.

Verification of Identity, by having postcard sent to your home.

1 Star for paying to star vetting of identification, pay the 25 USD, and receive postcards.

How to get Andy Lee Graham, founder, to super trust you, and want to meet you?

  1. Sponsoring 2 members, and the members listing you as their sponsor. This is the ulitimate support, to show you respect, and believe in the dream of Hobo Traveler, proud and want to share the dream.

  2. Pay the 25 dollars, and get verified, sent code to home..

  3. Get super verified, this is when two Hobos meet up, show each other identification, take a selfie photo together while holding up their passports, or ID - You are required to put on the Talk Wall. I can see you are a real person.

  4. Add a link to the website your personal profle on “” in your profile area under websites. --- I can see you are real person.

  5. Add a link to your website area under profiles to a YouTube channel with more than 10 videos uploaded. I can see you are a real person.

  6. When a person adds more than 10 profile photos, I want to meet you in a park, and instantly recognize you.Warning, If a person meets you, and the profile photos are 100 percent wrong, we will delete you as untrustworthy, dangerous to members..

Your Profile on Hobo Traveler, as a Member

Profile Views

5 Stars when your profile has been visited over 100 times from links posted on social media sites. I.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instructable, Pinterest, an incoming link visit.

10 Stars for most views of your profile: Are you the champion? Is everyone looking at your profile? After 30 days we put you in the champions. This number is decreased to zero when surpassed.

Description completed on your profile:

2 Stars for 20 characters in description.

3 Stars for 30  characters in description.

5 Stars for 50 characters in  description.

Profile Country Count:

Add 5 stars when a person has visited more than 50 countries listed on profile. 

Add 10 stars when person has visited more than 100 countries. 

Add 10 more stars when person has visited more than 150 countries

Add 20 stars when a person has visited more than 200 countries.

1 Star for each sub-category of continent

3 Stars for people who visit Africa, Middle East, China, and Russia.

Bucket List

6 Stars if a person puts up 10 bucket list items.

Website links in Profile page:

10 Stars for adding link to your profile page under websites.


2 Stars for Facebook link: Example:

3 Stars added when you have a link to your personal website.
iI.e. is for me, Andy and Andrew

3 Stars added for a link incoming from your personal YouTube “About You Page” or “About You Page” on Vimeo .
There must be 10 videos on your youtube videos sites..

5 Stars for an incoming link from your personal website to Need to request stars - and include direct shareable link to parent thread


5 Stars when a person has more than 50 followers.

Phone number in Profile page:

5 Stars for mobile phone number verified.

Emails make it safer to have a meet up, some people don’t understand private messages.

Personal Page

We can allow people to make a  private page for anything they want, give them a way to explain their whole world in an article; and not just a description.

5 Stars when a person writes a public 600 word explanation of why they travel, and how they benefit from Hobo Traveler? 

Talk Wall

5 Stars when a person does more than 50 posts of any type

1 Star for each video posted as embed on site, Zero links when you paste a link that leave the Hobo Talk Wall,  We give you up to 10 stars, then it stops

1 Star for when a member has received over 100 likes to their comments in total.

1 Star if  you place a photo on the Talk Wall and it has more than 20 likes, a one time earning of stars.

10 Stars for the “Holder” of champion number of likes for a comment, post, or photo. They lose this when another person is higher.

3 Stars for being logged in daily, and making one comment 30 days in a row. This is a one time, if the person does not log in for any period after that, stars will be removed.


5 Stars for the first time a person applies for a visa by going to Embassy of the country inside the USA. 

3 Stars when a member explains on Talk Wall, how they used an online, Visa application service, with link to the service, cost, etc explained in good detail 

5 Stars first time a member goes to and embassy abroad to apply for a visa while not your home country, then explains on the Hobo Talk Wall more than 150 characters.  For example, to apply for a Visa to India, while traveling in Thailand, to go the India Embassy in Thailand, and make the application.


2 Stars for every 50 photos uploaded to Hobo with titles.

2 Stars when a person posts selfie with other verified members.

10 Stars when a person adds more than 10 profile photos, we will add 15 photos,

New Members  for Hobo Traveler

20 Stars for sponsoring 2 members, and the members listing you as their sponsor. Need to request stars. 

2 Stars for sharing  personal profile on Facebook. Need to request stars, need to include direct shareable link to parent thread on Facebook.

2 Stars for a post on Linkedin, that includes a functional, clickable link back to Need to request stars - and include direct shareable link to parent thread.

2 Stars for writing a post on linkedin ,then having a live link that returns to your profile on Hobo Traveler.

3 Stars for adding personal profile link in an article written on another  website. Need to request stars - and include direct shareable link to parent thread.

1 Star for listing your HoboTraveler profile on any social network. Need to request stars - and include direct shareable link to parent thread.

Financial Support of Hobo Traveler: This will never exceed 10 percent of the stars?

Why? There are members who want to take, and there are members who want to help other members. Money proves appreciation, more or less, you are putting your money where your mouth is, and we reward that. It is proof you understand how Hobo Traveler benefits you, without making special fuss.

The number of stars here will never be more than percent of stars:

1 Stars, for 1 to 5 dollars voluntary subscription fee per month made public.

3 Stars for 5 dollars voluntary subscription fee made public.

6 Stars for 30 plus dollars voluntary subscription fee made public.

2 Stars for donation of more than 500 dollars.

1 Stars for donation of more than 100 dollars

Webpage Design and SEO

3 Stars for a suggestion used, on how to improve Hobo Traveler. We must use, and implemented. This is a proactive member, who can anticipate, and adapt. The ablity to adapt, think, making wise decisions is the great of savvy travel needs.

1 Star for proofreading, and signing the page as proofread by you, for static pages. 


1 Stars for when a person has a count of 5 location check ins (This continues to add)

1 Star when a member pastes 5 functional appropriate Wikipedia links. (This continues to add until 5 in total.) 

Super Verified - Special Star Next to Other Stars

20 Stars when you become super verified. Two verified members meet, look inspect other person identification for correct name. Then  do a selfie together, and post it to the wall. To be valid,a person must have identification in hand for selfie of the two members. Need to request stars - and include direct shareable link to parent thread.


3 Stars when you attend a Hobo Traveler Meetup, prove by posting a selfie with other Hobos at meetup, or group photo. Need to request stars - and include direct shareable link to parent thread.

1 Stars for picking up a non-relative Hobo member at airport, then post a selfie on Talk Wall. Need to request stars - and include direct shareable link to parent thread..

5 Stars for sponsoring a Hobo Traveler meetup, update the meetup page, then give 60 days before the meetup, where by at least 2 other Hobos attend that are verified, Need to request stars - and include direct shareable link to parent thread..


2 Stars for the first time you post a travel quote on the Hobo Talk Wall, with the name of person who said the quote.

Articles written for Travel Lifestyle Area

5 stars for the first time: Write an article, and it is shared to Blog.

Extreme Experiences

10 Stars for visit a conflict zone, and taking photos, and, or videos.

10 Stars to visit countries that normal travelers don’t go
- Less than 1 in 100,000 people visit.

3 Stars to be the only member who has visited a specific country, this disappears when 2nd member visits.


1 Star to attend one national festival example

Holi India

Carnival Rio

La  atina Spain

Madi Gras New Orleans

Religious like Bishwa Itjema or Maha Kumbh Mela

(This is a type of tourism, hard to know where to start, and stop. Maybe going to the Smithsonian Museum is also noteworthy?)

Religious / Spiritual

2 Stars to complete a pilgrimage 

Help Members Save Money:

1 Star for posting “Price Checks” for countries.
(Examplek to give specific Price i.e. haircuts)

1 Star for viide of their hotel, with price explained in comments area, and in video, no cost of rental, and of no value.

Rites of Passage Travel

Amazon River Trip

Ethiopia to Kenya by land
DRC Congo River
Land trip from Mexico to Panama

Land trip from Colombia to Chile

Pamir Highway

Land trip Morocco to South Africa 

Trans Siberian Railway

Attend a ceremony of a boy or girl earning the right of passage to manhood or womanhood 


What a person disclose the real reason people go do locations.
(This is very confusing, maybe we can use it only for entertainment of members)

Countries with stars for visiting

7 Stars for Bangladesh

10 Stars for War Zones

4 Stars for India

10 Stars for Nigeria

10 Stars for Somalia

3 Stars for Stan Brothers

10 Stars for Afghanistan

5 Stars for Antartica

4 Stars for Saudi Arabia

Super Rich and Famous

3 Stars for Isliand of Saint Barthalemy

1  Stars for Monaco

3 Stars Visit one of the many Stateless Nations
Examples: South Ossetia, Abkhazia, Tibet,etc 

Perpetual Travelers, not tourist living

1 Star for 60 days for living in one country.

3 Stars for not owning a home, renting an apartment, or having any permanent residence, to be a nomad, to live anywhere.

Expatriate Living

3 Stars for being an expat living in another country for over one year, and not having an address in country of citizenship.

1 Star for marrying a person from another country.


1 Star for speaking another language, would love to give more, but how to determine fluency is about impossible.

Writers of Books:

3 Stars for any 1 book written by members. Why? Proof of ability to explain our world to other humans..



Greeting to people who want friends, real friends, not fake friends, ones we can meet on the other side of this small planet, share time. Don't talk to Strangers, talk to people who want to be friends, don't talk to anyone who wants to be anonymous, who does not want to develop a friendship, life is too short.

"Hobos help other hobos, we point the way. we expect members to help other members. 

- We want honest members, willing to give honest advice.

Verify You Are a Real Person Today   

How to get verified, the steps?

1. Pay 25 dollars processing fee. (This is not a membership fee.)

2. We mail a postcard, with the big Hobo Logo to your home address.

3. There is a code on this card, this code is important.

The belief is, if we send a letter, and the postal service delivers it, then name being used is probably real person.

3. You return to the and enter the code online. You are verified and receive ONE STAR.

The Travelers Creed, important to read.

Verification is our belief that anonymous people cause problems, while stand up, and be counted people are in the business of helping. Bad Boys, and Bad Girls have a "Grace Period," broken windows, and weaving spider get no grace...

Verification stops what is common on many Expat sites:

- Talking to strangers - You are making expensive travel plans, to meet people on the other side of planet, it is dangerous to talk to strangers

- Shame Blamers - People who say your honest question is stupid, there are no stupid questions on Hobo.

- Weaving Spiders - Weaving a good story, to sell us something.

- Broken Windows - When one broken comment, this makes other members  throw rocks, and the more windows get broken.

- Armchair-ing -- Giving advice for a location you have never visited.

-- 3C - Conspicuous Consumption Comparisons - When members want to say they spent more, therefore better, while normally the more a person spends, the less travel savvy. We do not care that people spend money, but to infer they are clever is to 3C someone.


Verify You Are a Real Person Today  

“The Internet is fast becoming a cesspool where false information thrives.” -  "Brands are the solution, not the problem. Brands are how you sort out the cesspool."

– Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google, Mountain View, CA, U.S (Dr. Eric Emerson Schmidt)

Greetings, I am Andy Lee Graham, founder of / the Hobo Travel Community, I have lived abroad for 21 years, in 112 countries.

We believe it is our duty, our ethical obligation to notify members as to the quality of the members inside the Hobo Network. Therefore we encourage members to update their profiles and will assist members in proving, or vetting themselves so each member is safe to be contacted, or give advice.

Soon you will be able to say,
"Only allow 39 or, or 80 Star Members may contact me."

This is a huge challenge, and the reason networks like Facebook do not care, this slows the money tree from growing. We want you to learn from the best of the best, and know when people are not to be trusted.

First, we need to prove you are real person!

And yes, we know this can be spoofed, we will weigh you, and measure you.

Become a "Vetted" Member to the Hobo Travel Community!
We vet members of the Hobo community. Your privacy, and protection is more important than growth or money to us. We want you to know exactly how trustworthy and reliable we consider members, and notify you of the risk in associating with various members. Therefore, we are creating a 100 point evaluation system of members, a plus and minus system whereby members can become 5 Star Members.

Prove you are real person, and start the vetting process to become a Master Traveler


Verify You Are a Real Person Today  


Secret rules of getting stars:

     There are rule of stars, and you can receive negative stars, if one of your comments is deleted, or you receive admonishment emails, take care, we don't give negative stars often. But, we will delete an obvious bad actor without remorse. What makes Hobo Traveler unique, is that we truly want to protect you, we care. We do not want everyone, we want people who we would invite home to dinner.

Public rule for getting stars: (Andrew Add Here)

     1 star for paying 25 dollars, and receiving 

     1 star for adding your first wikipedia link to


Super Verification:

1 to 100 Star Memberships on the Hobo Traveler Travel Lifestyle Social Community

Hobo Traveler has a 1, to 100 star system. The more stars, the more members can trust you, and recommend you. -- Note --- Bad Boys, Bad Girls, please get verified, or ability to comments will stop after grace period of 10 comments.

Do Not School Other Hobos On Hobo Talk Wall

Facebook, Twitter, and most expat forums, country specific forums self-destruct because members want to school other members, as if parent, teacher, priest, the anointed. It is sort of political correct (PC) that is out of control, do not do it, you will get banned, deleted.

Guerrillamail Com Anonymous Email Is Not For Hobo Members, Anonymous emails has no value for our members, we are about being adventurous to meet people of the world, and introduce ourselves.

Hobo Members, You Join Once. But You Really Joined 100 Plus Web Sites -

After your become a member of, you can then long into over 100 web sites, and write, read, and comment for free. Membership is free, after you make more than 10 comments, we require you to verify you are a real person.

How to Become a Pro Traveler Member of

We are vetting members for Pro Traveler memberships now.

Get Verified Now