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So you think your a Pro Traveler?
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My name is Andy Lee Graham, I have traveled the world perpetually for over 14 years, and lived in 90 countries. This means, I do not have a home, I live the life of a traveler.

What is a Traveler?

What is a Pro Traveler?

Pro Traveler


It is a person who has exceptional knowledge about travel, both learned, and experienced. It is not easy to say who, but when I meet one, I know. As many of you know, do not enjoy talking to just any person about travel, but I do enjoy comparing notes with the Pros.

Anyone can become a Pro Traveler, but you need to pay you dues, and work you way up. The Hobo Travel community is vetting members now, we are weighing you, testing you, and will slowly allow you to climb or fall in your membership values.

Do the right things and you rise, mainly help other traveler, part of the traveler creed, we help others, because we are travelers.

Do wrong thing, be tricky, clever, or a problem child and you will drop.

Travelers love to help other travelers!

If you desire to work your way up, join, and read about the vetting system.

The benefit for members, is we will slowly allow you to contact the best travelers the planet, if they wish to allow you. But to be in the game, you need to join, and start the upward climb.

Read here about Vetting.


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