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Guerrillamail Com Anonymous Email Is Not For Hobo Members, Anonymous emails has no value for our members, we are about being adventurous to meet people of the world, and introduce ourselves.

Thu, 29 Jan 2015 06:13:38 is a way to write anonymous e-mails, a way to hide who you are, this is not the way...

Hello Hobo Members,

Followers, members, viewers, travel Blog follower, friends, and family of Andy Lee Graham eventually realize, one mission here is safety.

"We don't talk to strangers."

Yes, placing my e-mail on videos causes problems, but recently, one person seems to want to write me anonymously to ask questions for the "Ask Andy Show," whereby I answer questions from viewers of videos. Unedited, no agenda recording of answers to live abroad questions, and sometimes personal questions, and any question is fine. It is my personal belief, that the more open and honest a person is, the healthier their mental state, the better their self-esteem.

Yes, whistle blowers who want their boss exposed is different, maybe that is a time to be anonymous. There is no way to just say, yes, to allow situations. Our life is lived in the gray areas, and we each day make choices.

Yet, hiding your email, trying to be anonymous, is not what membership is about, we want members to know each other, learn to trust, and when not to trust, travel can be very dangerous.

And think about this, this is an optional membership site, you don't need to join, you are welcome to read, view, but we believe that transparency is good, and secrecy is not applicable here. We are a travel site, we are not the FBI, we are hear to share, and be friends.

Man up, show up, and be safe for other members, we don't talk to strangers, and don't ask questions unless you want to be our friend.

Thank you,

Andy Lee Graham

This is not even close to our dream for Hobo members, reeks of fear, confusion, and manipulation.