The Golden Triangle


I took this little sang tal from Chang Saen or maybe Chiang Saen to the Golden Triangle. Cost about 10 Baht or 50 cent USA and is about 8 kilometers.

I think Sob Ruak is the name of the city at the golden triangle.
I have seen about 6 of these points. Representing the Golden Tri-Angle. I did NOT find what looked like an official one. But that would be in the middle of the river.


Small long tail boats. These are fast ones.
Mekong River
Hill tribe girls selling curios. and cloth, shirts.
Map of the Golden Triangle
Photo of Opium Museum. Will write about in next issue.
Museum again
Pink House. It was unique. I do not see many pink houses in the world. I had to take a photo.
Another nice Golden Triangle marker.

This is some freight boats that come from China. You can get a ride on a boat from here to China for about 2000 Baht.

Chinese Flag
These Chinese freight boats come down and up the Mekong. This border is wide open to smuggling.
This American Flag is hanging 24 hours a day in front of this store. Thailand is the first country I have visited where I have seen full size flags of the USA. This is like a subtle way to show they support the USA.   You will hear other travelers say bad things about the USA in countries, but normally they will DO different. The local people almost always love Americans and if you wear a shirt of flag on your clothes they will come up and talk and ask a lot of questions. For you guys that like women, a good way to meet women.


This is called Mak Farang. Pronounced Mak Falang

It means Very Foreigner.
A funny word game, or slang.

Wrigley Juicy Fruit. I suppose it is very much American.

Waterfalls of the world, please submit tours, links, or explain how to visit waterfalls. Tourist and Travelers love Waterfalls.

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