Andy the Rough Drafts
for Newsletter for Chang Mai and Pai Thailand.

This is Andy writing and rewriting the
newsletter for issue number 98 of
Hobo Travel Tips.
Maybe better than the real letter... hehehe
Not clean, so watch out... Drafts

~ HOBO STEW (A Dish of Meat and Vegetables)

1st write

I started this letter by wanting to remove
all the
Links from the newsletter.
Trying to keep you from going to my webpage.

My webpage is scaring me.
I had over 1000 unique visitors on my page.
100,000’s of hits the other day.
It is on this extremely steep upward spiral.
Great you say.

Two months ago. Life was good.
People were buying things with MasterCard.
Then MasterCard changes their rules.
I have spend years working on these pages.
I have 1000’s of FREE pages with that are paid
because I could collect MasterCard.

I signed up to make my webpage to 350 megs
to give space for the CBS Survivor 2002 Thailand
people could enjoy photos. I thought they would join.
I had 3 people sign up, and they proceed to pass
around the username and passwords.
They then write me to thank me for the photos.
Thank you for cheating me.

It now cost about 40 dollars a month to pay for my
webpage. That is 1/3 the cost of my room.
I can shut the thing off and live easier.
1/3 the cost is for internet cafes.

I put up a straight forward fund raising letter.
1 person gives money.

I was starting this Eco-Tourism discussion group
in Pai, and got evicted from my Guesthouse.
The do NOT want Eco-Tourism in Thailand.
It would keep them from abusing the elephants.
Cutting down all the bamboo, and making
the poor indigenous Indians into stage show.

I had to move in 1 hour. So I am back in
Chang Mai.
Hobo Survival 2002

I get hate mail because I do not think that
sex tourism is good. I do not drink or do
drugs, so people are mad. The world has
turned Thailand into a big sex and drug

I walk up to the Miss Roong trekking company
in Pai. She has a really good sign, and they only
one that talks about being a good Eco tourist.
She starts to holler at me.
No Opium on the trail !
I say,
“I do not do drugs,
I am interest in Eco-tourism.”
She still hollers.
No opium.
She may have said heroin.
I was thinking about Eco-tourism
and she caught me off guard.
Only on thinking later did I realize what she
said, and how silly.
I am now 47 years old.
I look about 37.
But old enough, that she probably assumed
I was one of these old perverts walking around
all they want to do is have sex with the prostitutes,
drink, and do drugs. Which by the way are
everywhere here.

I admit. I like women and will continue
to like women. You think I am complaining
about this and feeling sorry for myself.
I am angry and frustrated. I do not mind
not ever getting married. But I do mind that
the only option in this country is a prostitute.
I do not even have the option here of meeting
a nice girl. Lots of travelers are nice, but
they move so fast here. They are never in
one place longer than 2 days. If they are.
The are drunk or drugged up. Or they are
bound and determined to tell me I am
an asshole because I am from the USA.

I will not and refuse to just say the USA is
bad. I can go along and get along.
I get myself in trouble on this all the time.
The world is a lot better because the USA
exist. It would be a hell of a world without
the USA to stop the Hitler’s of the world.
No one else wants to.

So I get angry.
I am sorry.

I want to keep the newsletter free.
I want to keep the WebPages free.

Most tour companies want travel writers
to write nice thing always so they can sell
tours. I have no desire to write a bunch of
crap and try to spend my life leading you
down a stupid and dangerous path.

Life is always good. Life is paradise,
but to be paradise it must also
include reality.

I had a well intention lady write me.
Why do you not use
I did not even write back.
If she looked at the donation page. is on it already.

Lot of good it does me though.
They cut me off the ability to take money
out of the account within minutes of me
accessing from Thailand. I guess
Thailand is so corrupt and cheat so much
it is dangerous for them. They now want
me to send them bank statements,
and other things.
I am in Thailand.
I have to give them my Social Security Number
and other personal information everytime
I log on from Thailand. It take 5 minutes
just to open the account. And they will not
give me the money. They say I can collect
the money, but they will not give it to me.
So you can pay me, or them. But they
will not give it to me. It appears I will have
to wait until I get back to the USA to fix that
one. My parents tried to help. But they are
both over 70. The account is in my Dad
name for ease of problems. I am afraid
they will just shut it off if they figure out
we are 2 separate people.
Father and son.

I am not going to shut the page off.
But please do not visit it.
I cannot go supersite unless I have
a way to make money. I will go
super broke.

The real problem is that people are so
jaded and mistrusting that they do not believe
anyone is telling the truth.

The want to only hear perfect stories.
Perfect nice, and pretty things.
The news on TV and newspapers lie to
make things look really bad.
The travel writers lie to make thing look really
The ability of people to look at the world
and separate the real from the unreal has ended.
Everyone is a product of some TV show.
The generation X.
People need to learn to think for themselves.

The Lonely Planet causes me a lot of grief.
They say bad things about the USA, and
every reader believe this crap and want
to tell me about it.
Hollywood make a film like American X
and think there is skinhead everywhere in
the USA.
I have never even seen one.

There is this guy.
He has created 100’s of thousands of
jobs. Not cheap jobs. But jobs that pay
30-100,000 dollars per year. Good jobs.

He sells some really good products.
He sell them cheaper than others.
He make them better than others.
He is really smart and that scares people.

He is suppose to be a bad guy.
I hear people complain about him daily.
Like he does not deserve to have a lot
of money for working so hard.
I do not feel sorry for him, but
I do think people should appreciate the fact
that he has 100’s of thousand of people working
for him, and they are living good.
He is not a saint.
He is Bill Gates.
Founder of Microsoft.

Where are the people free to think
for themselves?
Are we all just a product of TV?

No tip today.
No go this way, or pretty pictures.
If I fed you a bunch of lies, I could
sell you rotten overpriced tours.
I would have to behave and be perfect

2nd write


Making a decision can be very difficult.
I am sure many of you have invested years
of your life into a wife or husband.
A job or your children.
Then you have ask yourself is it all
worth it?

I have invested 5 1/2 years into trying to find
a good way to earn money from the internet
so I can continue to travel.

My newsletter is FREE.
My WebPages are FREE.

But they will only be supported by donations.
I presently need about
5400 dollars a year to save the Hobo.
I have receive 100 dollars.
I am broke.

3rd write


Had to leave Pai.
Turned into a disaster.
I wrote 2 introduction here, deleted them
both. You guys are reader and do not
need the grief.

I have written this Hobo Stew lots of time
and deleted in the past. Life changes, what
seems important one day, is not so bad
the next.

I am back in Chang Mai.
A great place to get hit by car.
This is one of the most difficult cities
I have ever encountered for crossing
the street. They car are going slow
enough to really tailgate and there is
no space to make a dash.

Rest and relax, and off to the border
again. Every 30 days like clockwork.
I have to make this Visa Run.
This one will be different.
I will cross the border at the
“Golden Triangle”
The intersection of meeting
of Thailand, Laos, an Burma.

Sounds Exotic.
The “Golden Triangle”

I am counting my Baht. or money.
A friend ask me how much it cost?
I am sure it under 10 dollars USA.
But maybe I am wrong.
So for 1 month I am counting pennies
or Thailand Baht. I admit.
This is real pain and I despise
counting every Baht I spend.

Go this way section 1st write

I am going to recommend you not go
to a webpage.
Mine. is growing too fast.
It must slow down.
I have to pay for the amount of visitors
on the page. It is growing too fast.

So please do not go to the page or
I will go broke faster.

I will start putting some photos on
Geocities or again.
They are free sites, and I will not go
Life is funnier than fiction.
So next issue.
Photos on free sites.
Sorry. This is not a joke.



I got evicted out of the Golden Huts Bungalows
in Pai Thailand and had 1 hour to leave.
I do not drink or do drugs.
I was trying to start an Eco-Tourism
discussion group breakfast.

I got evicted after the 1st days group.
No good deed shall go unpunished.

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