Buddhist Monks in Thailand


Every morning just after or at sunrise the monks start their tours. They walk around to all the local people and collect food for the day. An offering I guess.


In Bangkok or Krung Thep they are barefoot. They have very clean feet, and this is on Khao San Road where all these pictures are taken. Not a clean place.
That is a kettle or something. They make the people load it up. Make is not a good word, but I think there is a little guilt put in the pot.
I was standing on the corner or correctly sitting on corner of Khao San Road. This British guy and me was talking. It would be really good if I could capture one of them smoking a cigarette. These guys are not quite the saints they appear.


Everyone in Thailand calls Bangkok - KrungThep or Krune Thep, or something like that. If you want the people to understand you quickly. Call it by Krung Thep.


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