Meet Rolf Potts


Hello, Rolf. This is Rolf before he got on the VIP Bus to Bangkok. Note: I have told people over and over to not advertise what to steal ( Computer Bag in left hand )


Mug Shots Rolf Potts
His VIP bus to Bangkok. 560 Baht
Mine bus is below, Cost 260 Baht.

Now... What is the advantage of a VIP Bus?
They both had air conditioning.
The VIP bus will stop less to pick up passengers. Now that is normally an advantage. But in this case a hindrance. The bus left at 8:00 at night. If it goes real fast. It will arrive in Bangkok at 4:00 in the morning. Aaagh. Terrible time to arrive. I purposely trying to arrive later. Like maybe 6:00. I am hoping the bus gets there late for me. I do not want to be in a dangerous city in the early hours of morning.

I will admit. I like rich girls more than poor girls.
I would have to wake them up. Plus Thai girls are real money hungry women.

Go get him Mac


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