The Story of a Dirty Rotten Rat


Here I am sitting at the computer. I hear a noise. I look up, and behind me is a RAT. Walking without a care in the world along the wood rafter.


My bed is right below, and that is my mosquito net.
View from inside the room
View from Outside the room. Same wall as above. They are building a new room to the right of mine. So this is a construction zone.


I go to Langnu to buy a trap. They sell rat poison here in Pak Bara, but no traps. I do not want to feed these little guys. I want to guarantee they are dead. Plus I do not want them to crawl up into my roof and die. That would stink and I would have to move.

I have tied a rope to the trap. If the large rat is not dead. I do not want them able to run off with the trap.



I tied it to an available rafter.
Celebrate. One less rat in the world

I know you think this is sort of silly and why do I write about things like this. But you are living in the life of luxury. Be grateful. This is normal thing in Thailand. This is a fish village and the rats are very well fed. I have killed 3 as of this page being published. I will try to kill one a day, and thin out the herd. At least the herd that hang around my room.

I keep absolutely nothing in my room to eat. This way I do not feed the Ants or the Rats.


This big guy was on the wall, when I went out to check the trap one night. I shined a flashlight on the snail, and took the picture. Seems to work good. This is about 2 inches long.


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