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Andy's Opinions on Crazy People in Thailand.

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Written by Andy for the Hobo Travel Tips Newsletters.



I do not understand men. I do not understand women.
I suppose that will always be the plight of humans. We go out into the world and explore. See wonderful and great places and learn many novel ideas. Than we return to our homelands, and write stories of fantasy and dreams. Reality is more interesting than fantasy, but people live their lives in fantasy.

Prostitution in Thailand is about a fantasy of men. The meet, have sex, and fall in love.

There is this guy Peter from Germany here in Pak Bara, Thailand. He is in love with a Thailand Prostitute. She treats him badly and he is obsessed with talking about her. It is completely crazy and difficult to listen and not be judgmental. I have heard some strange stories as I travel the world, but this one is too stupid.
I will not tell the story. You would think I made it up, and crazy is complicated.

Crazy is a level of confusion. When a person steps completely outside of the norms of society or they create a world in their minds that has nothing to do with reality. I would say, they are crazy.
Pete is crazy.

Crazy foreigners in Thailand are not unique. I meet one or two certifiably crazy people a week. Now who knows maybe I am crazy, and being judgmental of a crazy world. I am alone most of the time here, and I have a world that exist in my head. I am not able to communicate with other people. I have started to count the number of words that I can say I am comfortable and positive on how to say. At this moment after about 100 days in Thailand I have 24 words that I would say I know.

I am living in a world of my mind, and talking with people of Thailand with 24 word

That is not enough words to have and intimate and fulfilling moment. My relationship are simple and not energy giving, but rather take my energy. So when I discuss this topic about crazy people. I am fully aware that I am constantly losing 2 things. My energy to support my own levels of sanity. Plus I may have already become crazy. I am 99.9 percent sure I am not crazy. But without anyone around to compare my actions with...
How can I be sure?

OH YES. Peter

I have Peter to compare my actions with, and see if I am going crazy.

I believe that we become what we hang around with.
If I want to learn how to become rich. I must hang around with rich people.
If I want to be the best internet travel webpage on the internet. I must look and hang around on the best travel WebPages.
If I want to be mentally healthy, I must hang around with mentally healthy people.
If I want to be crazy, I must hang around with crazy people.

In most countries there is a lot of social pressure.
In some cases they throw them in Jail.
The ultimate judgement that a person is not normal.
Sometimes they kill them. ( I am thinking of Sadaam in Iraq.)

Travelers are outside of social pressure, and can do most anything they wish.
This creates people like Peter and me.

Social values breaks down, and we stop living by the rules and social conduct of our home country. We start to become people of the world and not a citizen of our own country.  I am still a citizen of my country and champion the idea of their behavior and their laws, and religion.

But what happens when a person hates their country, family, social rules, and religion?

There is a BATTLE. A battle between the way they was and the way they will become.

I am NOT the person that left Indiana. I am a different person.

I make a choice to try to be a better person each day.
I would say Peter lives in a world of becoming more selfish each day.

Travelers are EXTREMELY SELFISH. They do everything for themselves. Nothing for anyone else.

Pete became very angry at me yesterday. I said,
"Pete,  pretend I am your older brother for a moment,
I want to give you some advice on life."
He sort of likes that idea. I think he wants loved, but not loving opinions.

"Pete.. Life is simple. The goal is be happy. I have had a lot of very bad times in my life. But the secret of being happy is to do more things in a day that make you happy than things that make you sad."

I realize I am talking in English and losing Pete already. He does not like any authority or comment that tells him how to live his life. He starts to get angry. I am not concerned and really do not care. He is becoming a dangerous person and someone needs to tell him.  I try to get simpler.

"People are the problem.
They can make you happy, or sad.
Animals and Nature are neutral and normally help."

I know I am gong to lose him on the next comment, but here goes.

"The bible says to recognize people by their fruit.
A good person give good fruit."

Aagh he goes into rage. Starts talking about he is a good person and that he is making Ying crazy, and this is good, and she will die, because she killed his lady,and... etc. This noise is impossible to express. But trust me it sounds like "Daffy" in the movie "The Beach."

I say,
"Peter you are crazy."
He says,
"I know."
But he want to be crazy. He considers that good. To say everything is bad is fashionable. I go back to the fruit.

"I am talking about the future choices,
Remember I said, I was going to be your big brother."
I am positive if I was his big brother. I would be trying hard to get him into counseling or committed before he goes into McDonalds in Germany and kill 20 people.
Anger permeates his soul.

"Fruit. Just look at peoples fruit,
giving people give good fruit.
Bad people take fruit.
You are weaker than before."

I am getting very weak, and know that my friendship and acquaintance has reached the end. I do not want Peter for a friend. He has bad fruit, and I am positive of this. I say,
"Remember what Andrew did last night,
he bought 4 pack of peanuts for the group of Farang."

There was 2 more Germans here last night.
Andrew of "Andrew Tours" went and purchased 4 packs of peanuts and put them on the table to be nice.
Peter says,
"Yes..That was good fruit."

I got Peter back into the land of Sanity for second.
He than starts obsessing on his anger

I say,
"Peter, I do not care what you do, or have done.
I am just giving a simple way to live and be happy.
Choose good people.
Find them by looking at their fruit.
Are they trying to make the world better, or trying to make it worse.
Do you feel stronger after you leave them, or weak.
Are they emotional vampires?"

I am talking myself into a hole. I know that I should heed my own advice and not talk with Pete. If I continue to talk with him I will start to become like him.... Aaagh. make me puke.

One last attempt, and I go do something normal
"Peter find good people. Hang around with them."

He goes into another childlike tirade. I am not sure what I said exactly. But Thailand is full of this, and they all have a way of making you feel guilty. I am trying to review my statement in my head... I am thinking to myself,

"Find good people. Hang around with them."

I am lost. He is projecting or adding something. I am amiss. This is crazy.

I say,
"I got to go to the internet.
Have a good day."

I leave. I will listen to my own advice.

Andy the Hobo


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