Newsletter Photos for 087
Satun - Langu - Pak Bara - Thailand

andyhobosatun.jpg (54297 bytes)
Andy the Hobo in Satun at Internet Cafe
baraguesthouse.jpg (109688 bytes)
My Home in Pak Bara Thailand
bobmarley2.jpg (84028 bytes)
Bob Marley 1 - View from the Front of my Bungalows of Ocean
computerdisk.jpg (59716 bytes)
How I keep my 3.5 floppy disk organized.
foreignrelations.jpg (62296 bytes)
Boys will be boys in other countries.
kohbuloncaptain.jpg (76314 bytes)
Would take me to Koh Tarutao, but.... I did not go with him.
langunmotoride.jpg (62570 bytes)
Bob Marley 1, and the motorcycle ride to Langu
pakparacoffee01.jpg (79652 bytes)
One of the many coffee groups of Pak Bara
pathpakbaratofish.jpg (89725 bytes)
A bridge to the fishing boat docks of Pak Bara
piratestoryranger.jpg (85648 bytes)
Sign explaining the Pirates at the ranger station. This is quoted in most WebPages about Survivor and is their source of information.


scanphotosurvivor.jpg (65505 bytes)
Scanning a photo I am not supposed to have.
signlangupakbara.jpg (70155 bytes)
This is the type of photo people always say I should get. It proves I was in Langu and Pak Bara Thailand. I think it proves. I do not want my photo taken.


tarutaodiamond.jpg (42556 bytes)
A photo of Koh Tarutao taken from the road between Pak Bara and Langu. I was on the back of a moving motorbike.


tarutaopakbara.jpg (43611 bytes)
The big one on the left is Koh Tarutao.
This is taken from the front of my bungalows. It is about 22 kilometers away.


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