Main entrance dock and beach to Koh Phi PHi, Thailand


Koh Phi Phi - Tourist loading up to leave on day trips. This is the main entrance beach for all the big boats arriving.


Private scuba trip
Kind of a United Nations Flag entrance to the Island.
Muslim Couple. I have to be careful. I do not think they like me take photos
A ferry of sorts
Diver on Koh Phi Phi Thailand
This is the main dock where the boats from Krabi or Phuket come to board and deboard their passengers.


These are TAXI boats.
Main entrance to Koh Phi Phi dock.
Japanese women.
Rasta the new Thailand
Chan guest house where I lived. 150 Baht per night. Very nice.
I put this flag over the other flag. It is a flag of Sweden. Name my room. Put a flag of Thailand, but do not make me walk into room with a Swedish flag for 10 days. How tacky.


The flag I covered. Hotels need to be neutral
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