Popcorn - Pool Table - Cashews - Pajama Boss - Boat Trip
Yes Boat


The guy has told me there is no boat today. He is probably correct. It is about 7:30 in the morning, so I buy some popcorn to eat. It has sugar on it and is good. My bag is soaked. I am soaked. Time to relax and look for a Bungalow closer to boats.


They had this pool table in the convenience store.
I go the girl "Say" to model using the Cashew Processing machine. It cuts the hard shells in 2 pieces.


The pedal to bring down the cutter.
She is bending the hangers for her clothes. It is raining horrible off and on, The wind is blowing the clothes away. The hangars are tied to the line.
Close up of pot with rubber inside. I am not sure. Could be water downed version.
This is boss woman on her motorbike.

In pajamas


Boss Woman carrying bag full of UN-Split Cashews.
Close up of Pajamas
She is maybe Burmese. She has that white chalky stuff all over her face. I tried to get a photo. But I think she would have hit me.


Cute kids
Bamboo Shoots
The base of bamboo. These thing clatter as you walk by. So if you hear a noise like cane poles clicking together. Look for bamboo.


One captain of boat.
This guy wanted something. I have no idea what. He was funny. He is smoking tobacco wound up in what I think is banana leaves. Cheap to buy. 25 cents USA, and smell like burned leaves.


It is about 800 in the morning.
They are funny. The guy on the right has started drinking or maybe never stopped. He is a good guy. The normal USA social customs of not drinking in the morning do not apply here.


Just squat a rest.
17 on this boat. I am on the front standing.
It is hard to believe they live on an island sometimes. They are almost hiding in the back of the boat. I would guess. Only about 2 of the 17 can swim. So they are a little scared.


Everyone told No boat. Always no boat. What is wrong with yes. I have to override and basically in the end pretend or prove they are not telling the truth. They are NOT lying. It is a underdeveloped cultural propensity to tell things in one way, and when giving information to foreigners to say what is best for them.  They do not think they are lying. Of course it make business contracts worthless in some cases. This mindset is common in all the countries I enter. If I listened to No. I would pay 10 time the money, and not every go anywhere on time, and have one headache after another. This is the reason why to me.   Watch a western guide. They learn to lie also. But they can even do it better... hehehe


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