Cross River - Walked to Convenience store - Cashew Trees - No Smoking


Agro Tourism Sign. Like I said, this place is ready to go. If the farmer and the locals understood the potential. woopee


The path to school to catch a boat.
One bridge to Monastery.
I slept last night on the other side behind those 2 distant hills.
This walk I have to make every day. Just to check to see if there is a boat leaving.
Cashew overhang. This is a great path. This is the perfect jungle tour.
Close up of Cashew tree leaves.
Cashew trees.
This guy gave me ride. Cost .... no problem. When they do not speak English. Life is good.
My convince store for breakfast.
This just was too funny. So I took a photo. No Smoking. Everyone is smoking everywhere. This is in open air. Like a small bench or park.


Girl working in yard.
He just squats and sits on his feet.
Naked woman poster inside my convenience store. Sort of on the chubby side for a Thailand girl.


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