Sunrise walk - Burnt Jungle - Giant Spider - Wade the River


Mammas is on the other side.
That is the plastic bag in my hand. Nothing is dry.
Watch the dogs.
I just came out of that mess. VERY wet and tight. But better than walking in the water.
The path. Very beautiful. If it would stop raining.

Just after this. I seen the Monk with the Umbrella. Close to the dark house and the rubber mats.


It is dark in the trees. I am close to a good path. I can tell. A motorbike.
Burned Mangroves. I am trying to walk through to another path.
These stumps are sticking up. It is swampy.
See the size of that SPIDER ! HUGE
Thee is no lower web. It is located or deposited on my clothes and body.
Burned trees.
OK. I will walk across and get wet. No spiders for me.
After I just walked through I am on the other side.
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