Mommas Bungalows - Cooking Coffee - Candle Light - Early Morning departure.


A bungalow I passed.
I arrive on the other side of the hill.
That is basically what my bungalow looks like
Normal Western Toilet that flushes by pouring a bucket of water down it. There is the bucket. Shower on wall.
My alcohol cooker for coffee. It has to be in the corner. Very very windy outside. The walls are full of slots or holes.


I think that is a boy scout cooker. I got it in Belgium at a street used junk sale.
I think it was a scorpion. I found it in the toilet bucket.
Another Jerrry rigged system to protect the candle from the wind. The sandal is to protect the sheets from the candle wax.


Top few of my coffee kitchen. A candle to see.
Leaving the hill, or coast. Very early. Very little beach right now.
I will choose this path...?
My pack needed a rest.
A bridge across another river. The river a bigger because it is raining.
Never Never trust a Thailand dog. They are viscous.
This whole area is sand during low tide.
Rain Rain Rain. Stop please. Blustery and black. I am going for the far distance.
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