Rubber Plantation - Signs - On main beach - Coral rock shoreline

Koh Chang Thailand


Rubber trees, or plantation along the path.
The water in the path. Koh Chang Thailand
It says. Para Rubber Plantation
Normal trees in rubber plantation
Hello, I meet a concrete trail. Civilization. Plus a house.
This one says Cashewnuts Gardens.
Overhangs of Cashew Trees
Rare Plants and Herbs. This place is ready for a Agro-Tourism with no one here that knows they are supposed to do it.


The water. I have walked all the way to the other corner of island. Or the main beach.
The crazy pain in the neck river to cross. It is low tide this time
I am going to end up behind that hill on the right. On a beach behind that hill.
One pier. I have not seen them use this one. There is a monastery at the foot of this pier.
Fun walking again. I am very very wet. Maybe 8 Kilometers right now.
Low tide. In high tide. This coral is under water.
The path.
More of the path.
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