Ranong Dock - On shore at Koh Chang - Wet Path - Rubber


Waiting area for people to leave for Koh Chang or Koh Panyam Island. This is in Ranong Thailand


People gathering and preparing to get on boats.
USA Army Platoon Leader
Dog that adopted me.
This looks peaceful
Living quarters on the dock. Actually a pretty nice place to live.
The rain starts. There is a guy on the roof with a bucket.
Men in skirts.
This is the shore line on Koh Chang. I did not take pictures of the boat trip. Boat and more boat. Water and more water. This is looking back from where I came or got dropped off at the bungalows.


I need to walk along this beach. See how up there the shore seems to disappear. This is not good.
A house or maybe a rubber shack along the way.
It is raining pretty hard. This is really miserable.
I must have hit a button on the camera. I have no idea why small
Rubber Shack, maybe the love shack on a rainy day.
Sheets or raw rubber hanging down to dry.
Machine up there or rollers to smash rubber or flatten.
Time to leave. There is water on this path, or a small river.
OK.There is a good picture. Water on the path.
Rubber trees
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