THAILAND - Sex Tourism and where normal men have gay sex

THAILAND - Sex Tourism and where normal men have gay sex

This is the FULL STORY for newsletter number 083
Written by Andy for the Hobo Travel Tips Newsletters.

What a fun way to piss people off.
Some of you are looking for a reason to angry.
You have came to the right spot.

What is a simple observation turns into people telling me,

"Andy you are homophobic."
"Andy, this is normal."
"Andy, what is normal."

Just a lot of confused readers. Plus a lot of confused men in the world.
In fact, let me add. The whole world arrived confused, and left the same.

Walking down Khao San Road in Bangkok about 11:00 at night. A person. I will say "person", to try to keep the stupid e-mails to a minimum. This PERSON walk up and says hello. Being a nice kid from Indiana of the USA. I say hello back. This PERSON is cooing or making this funny sort of high pitched sound. I would normally just say a feminine sound. But someone woman would start pointing out that some men talk like women. I agree, but this sounded like a girl... Or more correctly. It sounded like a man pretending to be a girl.

This girl looked like a girl.
I do not know what is correct to call her, or him.
This was I think a guy, dressed up like a girl

I REALLY do not know.
I did not go feeling around, or in some way checking to be sure.
It was a gut feeling, and I think I am 95 percent chance of being correct.
This was a guy dressed up as a girl.

I do not get propositioned in the USA by prostitutes.
In ALL the other countries of the world this seems extremely common.

So after 5 years. It is normal for whores to want to try to sell me sex.
I get a big kick out of it, or a laugh.
I often for curious reasons ask,
"How much?"

This is a great laugh in itself.
In some places sex cost less than 2 dollars USA.
Now that is not a big deal if the wages for a person is 2 dollars a day.
But lots of times, that is less than a meal in the local restaurant.

This means that sex is very cheap for the locals people also.
Most prostitutes are serviced or paid for by the locals, and not supported by the tourists.
When they proposition a tourist. The want double wages. Because the tourist do not know the going prices and will pay too much... hehehe.
This just get more stupid by the moment. But for a person that loves stupid ponderings, this is great.

The countries where sex is cheap. The men are sexist or macho. They do not seem to even care about women. They tend to act like. You are the mother of my children. ( He should only hope... ) You take care of the children, and shut up. I will have sex with any whore whenever I wish, and you can deal with it. Because I refuse to let you work, and our customs say this proper. You are screwed, both literally and figuratively.
I think the women should cut it off in the middle of the night.
That is what these men deserve...
Latino men... Beware...hehehe

It does not take a long time in Thailand to learn the term. Lady boy.
The think on Khao San road was a Lady Boy.
It is a man that dresses up like a woman, but is a man. Looks like a girl, but is a man. They are everywhere in Thailand, and just a part of the normal people. It is still not normal. There is 98 percent normal men walking around and 2 percent of them are lady boys. That is only a guess, or estimate. I am not going to sit around and count. But what is obvious is when you walk by any location where there are lots prostitutes or dancing.
Karoke bars is a key term. If your friend talks about Karoke bars. Think..(This is Thailand not the whole world.)

I am just an observer with an opinion.
But in most countries there are lots of prostitutes.
1 in 20 look, or appears to be man. Dressed like a woman.
In THAILAND it seems like 25 Percent are men dressed like women.

I have spent a lot of time in a lot of countries. Things that are first seem very different. becomes normal. I did not know how many prostitutes there are in the world. The funniest were in Belgium so far. They put them in a display case. I am sure that Amsterdam or Paris is better. But I have not visited there yet. In Bogota Colombia they had these women in the display case mode, so people could go window shopping. The was the ugliest women I have ever seen. They are maybe starving they was so ugly.
There was a house of gay men prostitutes next to the Mexican Airforce base... Go figure.

2 plus 2 EQUAL 4
Wait a minute. Gay guys need gay guys.
Gay or homosexual men seem to like to announce to the world they are homosexual. I suppose if they want to meet other men of the same persuasion they need to advertise. But here in Thailand, there does not seem to be a lot of Homosexual tourist.

SO... Hehehe there must be a lot of closet homosexuals, or straight men having sex with guys.
OR maybe all the "Lady Boys" are broke. But they do not look like they are broke, or they would not be on the corner trying to sell themselves. That means, there must be people buying, or they would doing something else for money.

I love it. If there are lots of men chasing other men.
There is a certain percentage of extra women for me.
That is unless there is just an equal  percentage of gay or lesbian women.
From my percentage observations. There is lower percentage women that are lesbians than men that are homosexuals. I had to be real careful. I almost used the word "Becomes". Then I will get stupid emails on the argument whether they are or become homosexuals.

I do not think people should make fun of people.
I do not care if these men have sex with other men.
I do not care if men have sex with men dressed as women.
I do consider it sort of strange.
I am not going to say it is NORMAL.
This is not normal.

Normal is when people never talk about it.
Like no one talks about rice much. It is normal.
When people eat dogs,or cats. People talk more.
That is how you can tell when something is not the NORM, or Typical.
People talk.

Therefore it is not normal.
It is normal, and real it does exist.
But it is not the common thing. And some people are hiding.

So pretend you are a normal guy, or maybe not a normal guy on the Island of Phuket. Where there is know to be lots and lots of sex tourism.

I forgot. That is not a term in the USA.
The whole rest of the world know about this, but a lot of people in the USA do not know it exist, unless they are out looking for it. There is Sex Tourism, or locations where people go to spend a vacation having sex with prostitutes.

Maybe... Key West Florida, and Zipolite Mexico.
There are locations like this all over the world.
If you travel the world. The become places for me to avoid.
I really do not enjoy this type of traveler or tourist. Sort of stupid.
(The sad part, is some really beautiful places are invaded.)

So when one of your fiends says they are going there.
Ask yourself... hmmm WHY?

Think about it. You get John Doe.
He goes to a prostitute.
Had sex maybe 4 time in in life.
Decides it is time to pay.
Pays the girl, gets undressed, and discovers.
Its a guy.
Doe he ask for a REFUND?
etc. etc

The guy know these Lady Boys exist.
There are some that I am sure are impossible to tell whether it is a girl or a guy. So you have a wise patron of prostitutes. But the guy does want a REAL girl. What does this guy do?
Feel and check first?
Pay and gamble?

Any hole is a hole.
A blow job is a blow job.
Fallacio is that the technical word.
(Not in my dictionary. Sorry)

I really think some people should get a life.
There is more to life than sex.
If you travel the world. You cannot avoid seeing some strange things.
Homosexual and Lesbians are normal.
I do not think that is abnormal. But the obsessions of some people is abnomral.

I think it is asking too much of the normal person. To keep our mouths shut and not laugh out loud at the great world we live in, where my most entertainment is looking at the world as it is. REAL.
I travel to all these places to look at the people. To talk to the people, to try to understand the people. I also like to look at trees, mountains,and beautiful sunsets.

But I am a people person.

When I go to, or enter a small village, or town.
I am the tourist attraction for them also.
"He has blue eyes."
"He has blond hair."
"He is very tall."

The funnier my clothes, the more they enjoy.

I am having fun with this letter.
I just could not stop myself.
The most interesting aspect about travel is that I get to see the world.
Real and unedited.
Then I can take photos, and tell you about it.

Try to be tolerant. Have respect for other people.
Laugh with them, and not at them.
But whatever you do.
Laugh and if needed.


Written by Andy for the Hobo Travel Tips Newsletters.


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