Leaving Kota Bharu - Border - Taxi Ride


Table area and the rafter with the Rat
We crossed a river and in No Mans Land
Thomas and Monica leading.
We are in between Malaysia and Thailand at the border crossing.
This goat claims no national origin.
My backpack on the front of the Motor Cycle Taxi.
I was on the back
Thomas and Monica are on the 2 behind me.
Trying to take a picture down towards the front.
Taxi Drivers head, and my big backpack
Casual wear of the drives Side-Kick and ticket sales to Had Yai
The counter from the street view. Where the girl was sitting.
Mini Van in Ko-Lok to Had Yai
The police questioning of the 3 Thailand boys.
See the other vans steering through the blocked road. The group behind the van on your right is the police and 3 boys. Driver and Sidekick.


This is us broke down, and loading our backpacks in the trunk of the car with the Buddha.
Leaving our travel mates.
Good-bye no name girl
Good bye to the 3 boys that had just got harassed and let go by the Police.


Strange Fruit given to Monica by the woman with the Driver.
Thomas and Monica from Austria
The driver. Notice the ceiling lowering.
The sky is falling. The Buddha is in the picture. But the glare has wiped it out.
Good for photos are they not?
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