Normal used military pants modified.

I have sown in extra pockets. One on the left in the front and one on the right in the front. This is me pulling up the pocket to show where it is located.


If you looked at from the inside of the pants. You will se a pocket on the left, and a pocket on the right. These pockets have Velcro at the top, to keep thing in and out of them. Very difficult to reach inside for a pickpocket


Large pocket on both side.  A guidebook will fit in this pocket.
All the pockets button shut. This is better than Velcro or maybe even zippers. It take a little work to open them. This will slow down potential thieves.


Inside the 2 large pockets. I have sown another secret pocket. This make it so there is a double layer of protection. If I just put it in the outside pocket. A good thief with a razor blade could cut the material and get directly to the contents of the pockets.


This pocket is big enough to put my whole neck pouch inside. I can still use the pocket for a normal pocket on the outside of the secret pocket.


Here is normal pocket. But it has an inner pocket and forms 2 layers of material. When a pocket is only one lay. A thief can cut through the outer layer and steal things. A pocket and material on the outside is better.


Example of the Buttons.
There rear pockets again have a pocket within side the the material of the pants. To cut with a razor blade a crook would have to cut 2 layers of materials. I do not use the back pocket of my wallet. Only the front inside pockets.


This is the pant leg. Wrong side out. I have sown a small pocket big enough for a credit card inside. Or small amounts of cash. I have to take my pants down to get to this pocket.It was sown along the seams so the thread would not show on the outside of the pants.


A language book I am carrying on the outside part of the big pocket. It is not in the secret pocket.

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