Guesthouse room in Ranong. Desk or office area. These bags are my organizers for my backpack with my clothes inside and junk.


My office. No leg room, but works. A little hard on the back. My computer is on its last leg. Separate keyboard. Separate mouse. I will look in Singapore for a new one. But hope the cash is good.


Model 2 of my alcohol cooker. Still working but this will boil rice good.
My new room and office in Krabi. I am at the Galaxy Hotel.
New idea. A plastic tupperware thing in the bag. Keep thing from getting broken, and for a bucket to wash my clothes. More important is the bucket for washing clothes. This one is too big. I need to find a smaller one.


95 percent of the room I rent have a hasp. So I can use my own lock.Or I install my own system for locks.


My desk looks clean. Go figure. No coffee cups.
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Please explain Waterfalls of the Planet.

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