Sea Eagles, Rubber Trees,  Cooker Bungalow, Organizer


New product. Rough model. New one does not have leg or platform. Alcohol cooker.
Not on the page yet... but may be by the time you read this.

Inside of Kitchen in Hotel in Ranong. Spring Guesthouse.
Burrma baby, with stuff on face.
Picture of my new organizer. 2 of them are rolled up, The one is hanging. This has made life a lot easier. Just 3 of them in my backpack and I am completely organized. Pack and unpack in 3 minutes. This is ready for sale.


My bed in the Bungalows in Koh Chang Thailand
I think this is a Sea Eagle
The played in the rising air as the cool air from the ocean met the land. Above the tree line.


Rubber tree, and collecting cup. They supposedly go out every night at 1:00 and collect the rubber.


Empty Cashew shells. Wrong time of year for Cashews. I think June is the month they harvest them. They have a processing plant on the island. More like a building. Not a plant.


Gecko on walk in bathroom. These little animals are hard to photo. As soon as you turn on the light the leave. Plus they need to be on something white to see them.


My X10 Optical lens of my Sony Mavica got this... hehehe
Waterfalls of the world, please submit tours, links, or explain how to visit waterfalls. Tourist and Travelers love Waterfalls.

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Please explain Waterfalls of the Planet.

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