Koh Chang and Starting to Leave


On the sign below the map. Koh = Island    Chang = Elephant
A river meets just behind me.
This is a small river. At low tide. It will rise, and we will leave.
This a loading area. What they say, or call the school area. This is a storage shed and not the school. The school is up the hill
My bag next to Sa Taw ready to be taken to the mainland.
Inside. Computer and digital cameras.
The flag is too keep pesky foreigners from bothering me, and to attract locals.


Notice the water is higher. Guy carrying Sa Taw to boat.
This guy wears a wrap around something. He was 1 in 25. Not common.

He did seem to be the boss though.


Arranging the propeller, and turning us around by hand.
We enter another area of the Island and pick up rubber.
This is dried rubber and we are taking it to the mainland.
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