Dock at Koh Chang - Walk across. Bungalows Beach


Coming up to the dock of Koh Chang where we will unload.
The guy will throw a rope.
Told you.
The long long pier with gray loose boards.
I reach the end. Big volcanic looking rocks.
I turned around. Looked back to the end of the pier and the sea.
Groves of Cashews. I think.
Rubber trees with collection cups on the side. I was not sure when I took the picture.
My Bungalow. 150 Baht. 3.50 USA. Has its own bathroom with normal western stool. The place is called Eden. I rented it because it was open, and the lady and man were on the boat. They were nice.


The ocean or Andaman sea in front of the bungalows.
The eating area of Eden Bungalows
Books... Rats 95 percent German language. She told me there was an American that came last year.  1
The kitchen. He said I could use if I wanted.
This is a welcome sign to Koh Chang. These guys are ready for tourism.
The long pier at low tide on the beach side of the island.
Buddhist Monastery at the foot of the long pier on the beach side. Right in the middle.
Map of Koh Chang. One person told me the reason it is called Koh Chang is not because there was Elephants on the island. But because the island is shaped like an Elephant.


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