Koh Samui Beach - Hobo Dive Shop - Ferry - Hotel


Koh Samui Beach. Lots of umbrellas on this beach.
Airplane coming in, there is an airport on the Island
Hobo Dive Shop !
This is on Koh Samui Beach.
The have a webpage.... http://www.houbou-ya.com
The said a Hobo was a type of flying fish.
I saw a river named a hobo in Colombia.
Dive shop
Bungalows. About 10 dollars USA per night on the beach.
I have no idea what these girls are doing. I think they wash clothes. But most of the time they site here on this deck like thing.
For civilized people
See the sprayer
Fuse box. They are always in the open. I think they also can turn off the lights in my room.
My room in Koh Samui. Close to the McDonalds on Chaweng Beach. 200 baht.
AP Silver Company. This is my Hotel
This girl cheated me at the Ferry. So I took a picture. She got very angry and hit me.
She gave my money back
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