Andamar Club - Going to Burma for Visa Stamp

I went to Mylanmar or Burma to get another 30 days of travel time in Thailand.
I went to the Pier that goes to the Andamar Casino. For 500 Baht. They take care of everything.


The pier with the air conditioned boat. The trip is about 1/2 hour.
Map of Ranong and crossing the bay.
Waiting room to get on the boat to cross to Mylanmar
Luxury. See the covered walkway.
The Andamar has their own special immigration office.
Shucks... I wanted to bring a gun.
No food or drinks. They want to sell them to you.
Lots of the people on the boat were workers from Burma that come across to work in Thailand.
This is the Dock at Mylanmar, or the Andamar Club Casino
The boat we came on leaving for another pickup.
Shuttle bus to take us to the casino
Swimming pool
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