Full Moon Party


I think this is a Thai Guy.
An American girl would be killed for wearing a swim top like this British Girl.
Chicken Corner. This is like the center of Koh Pha Ngan Beach
You have Had Rin Nai, and Had Rin Nok Beach. This is just off the latter.
Sandwich from Chicken Corner. Very good.
Israel guy getting a chicken sandwich. Notice the wrap around pants.You tie in the front the straps, then fold the piece of clothe over the top.
I forgot to turn this photo. To turn it up will take an unbelievable amount of time. I am leaving it.
Chicken Corner.
Motorbike. I would like to find the pants he has. Look happy and functional. The wrap around pants are cheap, But in reality not quite functional. No pockets, Do not stay up. etc.
My chance to be a Paparazzi.
I walked by this girl that was sick or hurt earlier.
I could have taken a picture when a guy was trying to give, or think hard about giving Mouth to Mouth resuscitation. I did NOT take that picture. Moral dilemmas. There are carrying her off the beach now. It is about 15 minutes after the big crowd of people had stopped to look. I have no idea what is wrong with her, and did not want to interfere. The guy that was going to give here mouth to mouth. Looked very responsible. If not... I would have stopped.
Holland guy. He explains to me what is "Red Bull:
I am still trying to learn. They did not have that in South America.
I really think this girl was cute. Great smile. Wish the picture had turned out better.
Body Paint... Beer in, Beer out
Steve McQueen Allstars. I have no idea.
On the rail at the beach. Dancing.
Passed out.
Little Thai boy. It is morning, and people are waking, and doing normal Thai things.
7-11 Convenience Store. After the party.
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