Full Moon Party June 24, 2002 Koh Pha Ngan, Thailand


Its around 8-9 in the morning. The party is still going on.
View of the front of the bars on the beach.
Tables set up on the beach. Looking at the bay
Buried in Sand
He wanted his pictures taken.
Notices the Vodka and Redbull
Looking at the main alley that comes from Chicken corner to the the Cactus Bar
My guess. They are English.
I think that is one of them 50mm cameras. Very Very expensive. The photo of mine is bad. I have to be sneaky and take a very quick photo of him taking a very quick photo.
Can you feel it? The music is so loud, you can feel the vibration. Thai girl. I think.
The style. The pant fall down.
I always take pictures of girls. Here a photo... Trying to give 10/90 air time.. hehehe
One for the women of the world.
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