Spring Break Paradise
Koh Pha Ngan, Thailand


Where else can you sleep the night out under the stars. On the comfort of the porch.
You can also get pregnancy test.
Trendy toys. You wave them around, or twirl them.
Thai Massage or Health Club
On a guy from Thailand would dare wear this.
Body Piercing, and other assorted duties.
I liked the Hand or Machine advertisement
The will soak that wrapped piece in flammable liquid. Light it and give it a spin
Bob Marley
Cheap place to sleep. Lay down, and wake in the morning
Stay out of the sun. Go to the beach. Sit and watch.
He forgot to go home
Notice the L & M Cigarettes. Popular in Asia and South America
The new tribe of indigenous. Baldies
British. Imperialism in its finest moment. They never stop.
Outback Bar. The Aussie version of imperialism.
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