Boat trip to Koh Tao from Chumphon Thailand


This girl is working on her Dive Master
I do not know where this Ice Cream originates. But it a brand everywhere in the world. I have seen it in all the countries I have entered. The logo stays the same. The name changes.
Sailboat in the river that leads to the ocean.
I think this is a shrimp boat.
Maybe a tug boat.
View of the ocean from the porch of my Hotel or Bungalow in Koh Tao
The bay
My Bungalow
The common area of the Hotel, or restaurant
Na the Managers or Owner.
Eating on the floor. The mat is made special for this, and is everywhere.
You may not enter these areas with your shoes on.
Dive shop entrance in Koh Tao
Notices the Confederate flag.
Backpackers on the beach at Koh Tao
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