Bangkok and Koh Tao Thailand
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Girl getting ready to watch England play in the 2002 Soccer of Futbol World Cup
This is on a small street close to Khao San Road
Street Vendors. Selling chicken or maybe Phai Thai
This guys picture is everywhere. I do not know who it is.
My favorite Pha Thai stand in Bangkok. 10 Baht for plain. 15 with Egg.
A food made with noodles and very spicy.
Phai Thai. You have to choose whether you want the big noodles or the fine noodles.
Girl that sold me my ticket to Koh Tah.  280 Baht
But that goes to Koh Tah
This is a truck stop toilet.
It is not the normal toilet for the travelers or tourist, but it is probably the normal for the person on the street. This is my first restroom or toilet in Thailand that was on the floor.
Most are normal like the USA, but you have to use a bucket to flush.
People do not throw the toilet paper in the drain,
This is the same as Central or South America
That pan is to flush the toilet
Israel Travelers
These were growing in tanks next to this  truck stop.
Israel travelers waiting in Chumphon for the boat.
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