Tip - Things that you should saw off before you put in your backpack.


Toothbrush - Spatula - Hair Brush - Butter Knife  - Screw Driver - Sharp Knife
I do not have it, but also a Can Opener.
They will all fit inside a container. This is a boy scout cooking set. I think. I bought it at a street sale second hand in Ghent Belgium.
Here is another view. I have a very small can opener now. I bought it at Wal-Mart.,
See it at the very bottom.
The strainer is for ground coffee.  The handle folds over.
This type of pan when closed keeps the stuff from cutting the bag.
Closed and ready to pack.
Notice the handle for holding when cooking.
You need to cut things off about 5 1/2 to 6 inches.
In centimeters it is about 15
This is a pencil bag. I use them to hold small items. The hair bush now fits in nicely.
Picture of both cooking pots. The one is smaller so it will fit inside the other.
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