Bangkok Thailand 03


Wat or Temple in Thai Language. There is suppose to be about 400 of these in Bangkok
Cars parked on the road. Means it is safer here.
No Betting Sign. I have no idea why.
Street Pawn Shop. The travelers sell their stuff. Guidebooks, Tents, Swiss Knives.
Street Food Venders. Phai Thai for 25-35 Cents USA.
The Street of my Hotel
Corner Convenience Store
There are these little tributes or religious setting scatter around. I found this small place by accident. Looking for a shortcut to Khao San Road.
Thai Boxing. Says it is at 3:00 in the Afternoon. About 25 Cents USA to watch
Deep Fried Bread, Very good
Lockers in my Hotel for passport and valuables. Normal here
Waterfalls of the world, please submit tours, links, or explain how to visit waterfalls. Tourist and Travelers love Waterfalls.

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Please explain Waterfalls of the Planet.

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