Bolivia.. A melting pot of culture


I go into this tailor shop. This is not the Maria.
This is more of a Mestizos type, and higher prices.
I am trying to have another fun thing made.
The girl says she will read my future.


I drop these Coca Leaves on a cloth.
The folded one means I will have money soon.
The little round.. Means there is girl that is very close to me, that will soon become my lover.
This girl is typical of modern women. It is very difficult to take pictures without people getting a little angry.
Mother on the left. Son on the right.
Notice the change of clothes.
Modern business guys with briefcases.
Notice the baggy pants on the youth. Mother to right.
Toyota... Not everyone is poor.
Two Beautiful Bolivia girls.
This guy wants me to invest in a gold mine.
The German guys call this a "Poof".
I would call it a modern type whorehouse.

Just opened close to the Hostel. We thought it was a new bar and went in, then discovered the truth.


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