Signs in La Paz, Bolivia

All through the world there seem to be signs asking people to not throw trash on the ground, spit, urinate, etc.


Prohibido echar Basura mean in English.
Prohibited throw trash.
Prohibido Orinar in English means.
Prohibited to Urinate

This sign was located at a military checkpoint on the way to Coroico. It was probably in my opinion a place where urination on the side of the road would be more acceptable. In the middle of nowhere and no place to go. They may have had a pay bathroom and forcing the people to pay. In La Paz city there are lots of toilets to shower and use that are for pay. Very few of the governments provide free toilets. Ergo lots of people in the streets.


These signs are often put up by local business people. I know the world complains about business people., but it seem to me that if the business people did not put pressure on the people and the government every country would be a lot worst. Most business's want a clean places to sell their products, while the normal person in the street just does not care.


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