The Daily Parade Of Coca Leaves

Every day since I have been in La Paz a strange processions of vehicles carrying coca leaves goes past my Hostel. About every 6-10th vehicle is loaded to capacity with bags of coca leaves. Some of them have the green design of the coca leave and the word coca. I have been wondering if I can buy the bags anywhere. One vender thought they would sell them in Villa Fatima. I am in the Carretero Hostel located on Calle Catacora. It goes on for most of the day. Below the vehicles are some photos of normal cars. What is strange is they do not seem to use large trucks to carry the leaves. Only small cars and trucks.


The German Volkswagen beetle. There are lots more cars from Germany and Japan than from the USA.
About ever 6-10 cars is a 4 wheel drive vehicle. For the most part the cars are taxi's or these types.
There are lots of rich people in Bolivia.
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