Here is what a very large United Nations Convoy of Trucks looks like in Africa
How to make Idiot Proof systems, the concept for Travel Tip
Made my Dip Hot Water Shower Idiot Proof, so I don\'t Burn Down the Hotel
Watermelons Growing on Trees in Kara
We can use Bug Bagger to Test for Air Pollution
20 Dollar Per Night AC Auberge du Perron Kara Togo
Do not be an American Spoiler - Taxi fares are to be fair, not to prove you have money.
Inside a Malaria Treatment Ward, showing a 4 year old boy with intravenous in arm
Pet Goat in the Les Amis Hotel, I guess they are not going to eat it. Kara Togo
My Internet in Togo West Africa is cheaper, and easier to use than the USA
A good day in Kara, found Baby Nets for 3 USD, a Sustainable Cost, better at 1 though
Bug Bagger now for sale on - Buying one helps to save babies from malaria.
Bugs will commit suicide if you put a light bulb behind a fan
Rented a 2 Bedroom Apartment for 73 dollars, or 35,000 CFA here in Kara, Togo West Africa
Invade Videos Subjects Personal Space by coming in close and doing the bump
Bump the girls, and you can make good videos, invade their personal space
Clementine goes to School - I thought she was 4, I find out she if 5
Rent an Apartment for 20 Dollars per Month in Africa
What is Malaria, this video explains malaria in a simple cartoon.
One Suggested Solution to Stop Malaria Mosquitoes from Entering Below Threshold of Door
Malaria Free Hotel in Africa, what a relief, 16 dollar with Air Conditioning
Bored in BRU Brussels Airport, then go down to level 2 and see the Bread Machine working
Belgium Bread is Better than American Bread for One Reason, it is FUN
Finally Found a Backpacker Priced Hotel in Lome Togo, the Mon Plaisir for 10 USD per NIght
Adventure Travel? Who is the most dangerous female? Which animal is the most dangerous on the planet?
The water can destroy your skin in countries where you don\'t drink the water
Cute Lome Togo girl is too relaxed, as she sits outside hotel eating sugar cane
Why would malaria infested Africa buy Insecticides and not mosquito nets
Ana and Cuba Dave talk about Get out of Jail Free Card for Sosus
Overweight Bags Cost Money, Weigh your bag at the Hotel, if not, at the Airport
Money Spent on 1 Coffee for 3.25 buys a Flat Screen TV
Airline Seats are Uncomfortable Watch to Learn Perfect Plane Seats
Bored in Sosua, go to Montellano to this Bar MacGuivers
Bored in Sosua, Dominican Republic, then go to Montellano to this Bar
Mosquito Nets is like Panty Hose - Mary and Martha Malaria Film
Jeroen saves me 200 again on Plane Ticket, Brussel to Lome 540 and not 730
Do not miss AFRICA , come to Africa for 500 USD tour
I Captured a Scam being Ran on USA People Over Skype
Avoid getting robbed in Hotels using Window Media Player to Repeat Movies
Ray from Britannia Pub is in theGuinness World Records Book
Frank Ranted about NO need for PR, Ads, Facebook, or Website
How tropical is Miami Florida - A question compared to Ghana or Togo?
How to Advertise to People who cannot Read, an Example from Dominican Republic
Expat Interview with Ray at Britannia Pub in Sosua
Malcolm Gladwell 10000 Hours RULES
FREE -- Keep Your Brain From Exploding with Cell Phone Calls - Block them Mentally
Pet Crab at Sosua Restaurant
World Breakfast in Sosua Dominican Republic Restaurant -Bacon Taste Like Fish
Unacceptable Behavior from Hotels, willful blindness
My Dads Cancer Truly Suck, need the courage and wisdom.
I want you to watch a life changing video, NOT me, the link is in description.
Hey, you really do not want to attract your neighbors mosquitoes.
Andy New Mosquito Trap using a common floor fan.
Your Personal Assistant is Wasting MY Time
USB Microscope Buy this Toy for Your Smart Boys / Girls
How much is your house worth? Real Estate Apprasial
Join my Malaria Page today, and learn about Malaria Bed Nets
For Educational Purpose to stop you from being silly
Buy Queso de Hoja from Victor in Sosua
I got my teeth cleaned for 20 dollars, a great travel benefit
Djampe the travel gear you cannot leave home without - Essential Travel Gear
How to know when a person has Malaria?
Don\'t Be Brain Dead, - Pump Oxygen to Brain and Do NOT use a PIllow
Save Money as Traveler or Go Home
Intrinsic Value of Real Estate - That which cannot be Destroyed
Finding Super Cheap Apartments for Rent in Sosua DR
Why would I help people steal my identity.
Sosua Girls Playing in Rain Storm in Front of D\'Latin Bar
Juan a Painter of Murals in Sosua Dominican Republic
How to choose best the Caribbean beach chair location?
House Sitting in Sosua - Before Andy Graham Moves IN...
Andy Graham will House Sit in Sosua Dominican Republic
Music Makes Me Want to Leave Sosua Beach
Sosua Post Office Location / FBA Amazon
How to find a cheap apartment using message boards at grocery stores etc.
Do Stupid People Have the Right to Live - Malaria
Huge Cockroach up close, playing with Camera
My Future - Andy Lee Graham explained 2013 August
A Bunch of Monkey a.k.a. Animals Live in Hotels
2 Dollar Transport from Sosua to POP Puerta Plata Airpor
Checkpoint Bar an Expat hangout in Sosua up the Street from Small Playero
Mofongo Restaurant / Bar on Sosua Beach Number 74
Popular and Recommended Fruit Bar in Sosua
I Want a Hotel Safe so I can use as Decoy
Best Chicken in Sosua, By Me, Andy Graham Pollo
Almonds on Sosua Beach Almendra
Dangerous Main Highway of Sosua - Live on the Ocean Side of this Road
Fingernail Polish Used on Keys
Very strong young man doing Front and Back Flips on Sosua Beach
I never carry my passport, here is another option
How Water Line Suck in Sewage
Sosua Boys Say NO Tubi No Hairnet
How to use the P38 Military Can Opener
Zapoto or Sapote Fruit Drink, a Batida
I Love Bathroom Floor Drains in Hotels Restrooms
Many Motorcycles and Car Driving Down Road the Wrong Way
I Sewed Special Loops onto My Day Backpack
Mail Forwarding Cheap to Sosua
Sosua Girl on Beach Selling Shots of Coffee
Josh Number 108 Sosua Beach Restaurant Next to Big D\'s