Good Hotels Have Water Reservoir System
Outhouse in Africa are Dangerous
African Woman Ask That the USA Send Wheat to Africa
Things I Will Ditch When Going to Other Countries by Plane
My Idiot Neighbors Playing Loud Music All Night
Do Not Lose a Day of Travel, Carry Extra Passport and Visa Photos
Avoiding Cliches is Simplified Understanding of Writing, Especially for Internet
African Milpa
Amazing Holds Water, But Does NOT hold Water Travel Scrub Net
Catholic Church in Lome Togo Understands How to Stop Malaria Mosquitoes
I just do not understand why so much money is spent on Unicef cars
The Mysterious Winter Jackets in West Africa
Mosquito Repellent Bottles to Avoid, and the Correct Bottle
How to watch films on Youtube, when Connection is Slow
The first thing I do is make Water Dumbbells for Hotel Room
How to Make Homemade Hair Conditioner
The Bar Ed-Laguna in Lome Togo
It can be difficult to remain friends with people with less money
Ever wander what a Mosque Sounds Like
This Iron for Clothing Looks Antique, but is Not, they Sell them New in Africa
UN-REC wants to Disarm Africa, but the USA Keeps Sending Guns
Lome Togo Girls is a Little Rough with Helping the Kid
If you go to Ghana or Togo, Try this Food for Sure
Mormons on Other Side of Planet in Lome Togo West Africa
Sometimes I see African Girls Walk with Egg on Head, so lets see if she can?
Togo Lady Pounds Leaves to Make a Sauce for Food
Guess the Weapon of Night Guard in Hotel West Africa
Pretty Flower, or Jolie Fleur Food in Togo
The Globalization of Photography Hand Signals
The Girl Knows We Like to Take Photos of things Carried on Head
Take a Look at this Wild African Hair Style
Special Voodoo Flower to Protect Travelers
Girl was singing to the cell phone, and we could not hear the music
Before and After Video of House Renovation in Lome Togo
The minimum requirement for NGO is a Toyota Dealership in Country
I do not care if you wash your hands, stop touching my food
If you find a Catholic Church in Africa, you find a Bakery
Woman in Lome, Togo Market is Heckling my Videos, so I turned Camera on Her
Coconut Candy Sold in Togo Guaranteed Trip to Restroom
ETRAB has Air Conditioned buses from Lome to the North
Doe my travel neighbor clean his clothes, a good question.
Woman swings a towel at me for taking a video, then helps me with the name.
Natural plant used to help the skin of babies
Zion Kids Rock a Wild and Crazy Christian Music Song
The Hotel Water Made Every Day a Bad Hair Day
A small test to see how aware you are, or you perception skills
Explanation why the Djampe scrub net is small and we need to balance weight and volume
Living on Country Road is not all Fun and Games
The 1 Chicken Family Cage
Stop doing laundry on trips, buy a new clothing
This travel tip makes me feel a little stupid or insanely intelligent
This looks like a big bat, I hope they are not eating it.
A day in the life of my Food. The food I ate on Sunday documented with video.
My opinion on NGO\'s of the world on an NGO sign
This is a vehicle for Benin, they stuff a bunch of fat old people in these vans for the park
Children Playing Soccer with Beat up Soccer Ball in front of Kara Apartment
1 Toyota Land Rover would supply the wage for 125 people in Africa for one year
Peanut Roaster and device to remove the skins
Where to find help wanted signs
How to patch a window screen in Hotel
Grateful to be alive moment
Dust Mask are becoming needed Globally, except in USA
Steam Food in Natitingou Benin
What does a straw mattress look like?
Garbage collection in a city of 100,000 people
UNFPA - United Nations Population Fund slumming it in Africa
Bouillie a type of food
Mother Hen Scraping the ground finding food for chicks
How to prepare travel pants to install secret pockets
Fried Cheese makes bad cheese taste better
Sunday Go to Church Clothing in Kara, Togo Africa
Bounced off of Ghana and got a 1 year Visa to Togo in Kara
Trash Dams create small ponds where mosquitoes can lay their eggs
Too Funny, we did a trash management experiment to stop malaria, and the result are hilarious
Secret Pockets stops the problem of money falling out of pockets
Using Bug Bagger in Palais Somba Hotel in Natitingou Benin
When Something is Not Translated Correctly, it is Lost in Translation
West African Village is Not Mosquito Friendly
Car Window Crank is Removed from Door
The mystery food of Togo, they use it for sauces?
I Tom Sawyered the Children to Help Rake the Front of Apartment
An self feeding systems for poultry, you know chickens
Draft Snake - Stop drafts, or snow coming under door of house
Beautiful in Kara Togo from the Bridget Leading to Kara University
20 Cents for a Cheap Cup of Coffee in Kara Togo West Africa
My First language lesson, only 2999 more language in the queue
T-Bar method of attaching a Mosquito Net or Bed Net to a Bed
Stopping for a Gas Fill Up for Motocycle Taxi
Prepaid Electric Meter is User Friendly
African drums at funeral and women dancing in Lome Togo
A Coffee Cart with Extreme Amount of Cart Features
Not much of a Bar or Cafeteria, just another President Obama Bar in Kara Togo
A very cool Bike Light Generator
Mathematical Equations can be found anywhere you wish
Phil Collins another day in Paradise Song
Cemetery Number 1 for as Source of Malaria Death Statistics
Motorcycle Accident - Notice how the cars in back do not stop and the police starts talking on cell phone
Kara Togo has these deep friend ground beans, called Beignets de Haricots
Amazing, In Sosua this Gas would be stolen in 10 minutes, while in Kara, Togo safe at night.
Boy made a homemade Bird Trap and captured some birds