Specials in Restaurants are Not Specials and Double Orders are Not Double
3G Wireless Modem Speeds Cranking Fast for a Country Like Togo
Yassine O ask, How is the Togo Postal Mail, and I do not know
How to carry shaving cream so it does not blow out in bag
Thse Beef Brochettes are the Best I Found in Lome
Travel A place for everything, and everything in its place
You Tubers, Film and Camera people can stop buying their way to success, INNOVATE
Computer or Camera bag is always connected to my leg
Tim K wants to know where the biggest variety of raw food is, can compare to USA.
My skin is screwed up, Getting old sucks
Bob the Squid from Michigan, What is difference, besides the language between French and English Africa
Please Woman, ask some questions, I am tried of Machos
Paul asked, Where are people the most pleasant on planet
Africa Highs and Lows, a 15 dollar bottle of Shampoo
George ask, What is my opinion on celebrities adopting African babies
Andy sort of Rants that people with cameras need umbrellas
Andy explains what he will do for the next 13 days in Lome waiting for planet March 31, 2014
Tim K asked, why am I carrying backpack not front pack
Andres Hidalgo asked, What is the major obstacle to budget travel
Staying in My Secret Cheap Hotel Room with AC
How to Shave a Lesson for World Travelers
March 30 2014, Andy Leaves Kara for Lome and Why
70 Dollar Apartment in Kara was Emotional Nightmare for Andy
Here is an experiment I was too poor to do in West Africa
A Hart, how you find a 70 dollar apartment living abroad
Tim K asked, do I see any poker games abroad
What appears to be overspending on Water Project in West Africa
Chuck Wow Thailand asked or said I should buy Diamonds Precious Stones
Michael P Daytona Beach asked, what is special about MY Mosquito Net
Meet the Youth of Planet, No Respect and No Manners
Africans Understanding Marking, Block the Path You will Stop to Look
I love to drink the Ginger Homemade Drinks in West Africa
Funny story, a Traveler Writer too Busy to Write 1-3 lines
Tim K asked can he use iPod Touch Overseas
Andy Bragging about Cheap Hotel Room
How to lock backpacks together when waiting to leave, and why the American Flag
Key and Eye on your luggage, check that is gets on the plane or bus, train
David S ask, What is The Book Status, is this my Magnum Opus March 2014
I learned House Sitting is Dangerous, we want to Pet Sit or Plant Sit
This small corner store has a bar to buy shots of liquor
Long-Term Travelers Must Cook, or Risk Malnutrition
I have stopped Packing my Backpack, Now I load it
Example of What Baby of Malnutrition Looks Like
Sean Keener from BootsNall says, I live the Dream - How Pay for the Dream
A Hart asked, Is AIDS a problem in Togo or Ghana West Africa
Hunger in Africa is the last problem on my list, but Obesity is moving up
There is a GLOBAL PANDEMIC of Idiots with Cell Phones, Smart Phones and Ipads
Cultural question marks are everywhere in Africa, and always an idiot giving guess as answers
John K asked, Guitars, what are my observations and how to make money
Chris asked, Why did you give up on the USA Road Trip
Elizabeth B ask, do I have a 2nd citizenship, and where would I have one
Adelle has braids in Africa, they itch, so she is always tapping her head.
How to get the ever annoying vendors, taxi drivers to stop screaming at you
Beatrice in Dapaong has School to learn to make sofas and couches - Togo West Africa
Andy Graham eating a bowl of African Rice, with glass of Water, Children in Dapaong Togo West Africa
Watch the fermentation for alcohol of Chomba, a Moba drink in Dapaong Togo West Africa
Ablo, I show how they steam cook a sort of white bread in Dapaong Togo
S for Sexy is the Tattoo - Burkina Faso Mossi girl in Dapaong Togo
Eponge or Djampe Travel Scrub Cloth being Sold in West Africa
Tim K asked, What is the University of Kara like
McGeorge D asked, What is the biggest Shit hole you visited on planet?
Thomas L from Sweden asked are NGO Blackholes Here are my Solutions Part 3
Watching how NGO's work in Africa is like trying to ignore getting raped
Joel H, asked me if I am aware of Ebola Zaire outbreak in Guinea
What a 10 dollar room looks like in Dapaong Togo West Africa
Tim K, are you going to Digital Publish, I thought I had been
Found some Clean Shea Butter for Sale in Dapaong Togo West Africa Market
Thomas L asked areNGO Blackholes-- Here are my Stories of NGO's Part 2
Why is Andy Lee Graham in Dapaong Togo West Africa, and What is he doing
Amazing AA Rechargeable Batteries Refuse to Become Junk
A Strictly for Tourists and Hardcore NGO's Hotel
Facebook and Twitter, Why do these people do what they do - What motivates them
How a Bicycle Wheelchair is Made - This NEEDS Shares on Planet Earth
Answering Thomas L from Swede are NGO's Blackholes Defining NGO Part 1
3G Wireless Internet Down for 48 Hours
Andy Explains Why Lonely Planet Guidebook Has Business Problems
Adegazio from Canada ask, How to avoid getting ripped off
Ray from Malaysia ask, What tools I carry for DIY projects
Mentally Ill in Africa, Walking Around Half Dressed
A City is Not a City Until It Has a Statue
Medina Dances for Me in Africa
Bill S Queens NY asked how I started Travel and feeling of leaving career and lifestyle?
Muslims Don't Hate America, Here is Proof in Dapaong, Togo West Africa
Malaica Restaurant in Dapaong, Togo Where Andy filmed Answers March 22, 2014
Carol E from Sarasota Florida ask why I live in Underdeveloped Countries?
Tim asked, if you took off on the run, what 5-10 things would you pack
United Nations High Commission for Refugees Ambulance, they will be here 50 years after needed
Adults, you need to tell your children that sandals and backpacks do not mix
From Presidents Obamas Actions he hates Africa, but here in Africa, they Name Rice After Obama
There is a fire hydrant in Dapaong, Togo West Africa, very unusual for Africa
Tim K, how does one manage responsibilities when not tied to one location
One of the Biggest UNICEF Toyota Land Rovers I Have Seen, In Dapaong Togo West Africa
Had fun talking to ladies selling earthenware jugs in Dapaong, Togo West Africa Market
G Johnson asked, Can a single girl travel in 3rd world countries safe
Paul V. asked, What do I think of travel by bicycle around world
Chris S wants to know, do you ever get lonely
Very good reason to never got to Africa, or leave the USA
Entered a Homemade Beer Bar in Dapaong Togo West Africa
Loud Speakers are Proof that Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs is Wrong
Jeffrey C. asked Andy how to Find a Doctor Abroad