Wednesday Update, Ask Andy to Ecuador, and Maybe to Prague in Fall
Think About Sweat Equity Lodging, Can You Work for Room and Board
Kaylyn D Brooklyn asked, Are you afraid of mob attacking you as a white or gringo
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Your Fat Wallet Makes You Perfect Target for Pickpockets and Muggers
The Ask Andy Show is going to be on Blog Talk Radio 900 AM Eastern Standard Time Daily
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Wednesday Update on Andy's Travels for May 14, 2014
We Need Good Lighting for Videos, Large 2 Story Buildings Help
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Martin M ask, Why is the Dominican Republic Real Estate Bad
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Ask Andy Show,When will Skype make Chat Work Properly
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I Used Only Baking Soda to Shower Yesterday May 11, 2014
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Mom Proves to Me She Can Cook a Meatloaf in a Crock Pot
Hugh P asked, I depart for Ecuador June, but why Vilcabamba, Ecuador
JT wanta to be Day Trader in Phil? ask, Why do you say Philippines is Expensive?
Derek O ask, Is the White Man the Blame for African Poverty
Martin C asked, What is your secret for staying healthy eating Street Food
Jeffrey of Cincinnati asked, What are some of the best and worst foods in world
Mom Graham still has a Traveler Scrub Net in Her Shower When I Returned Home
Grant C pointed out, The IRS wants to revoke passports for accused of tax problems
Tristan H ask, How do you keep from losing the plot
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Andy Wednesday Update - Travel to Chicago Ecuador Bulgaria Bought Lonely Planet Guidebook
Tim K ask, Is America exporting our culture to other countries
Gregory H asked, How do you manage 1000 dollar plus airplane tickets on such small money.
Chuck Wow asked, You are in USA more than 30 days, What about Foreign earned income exclusion 2555
Doug W asked, You had a problem with Newsletter, Wants Email Push, not Direct to YouTube
Christopher L asked, What are humans deepest concerns
Andy Shows New Toys, Battery Powered Razor, Thinning Scissors for Hair and Indoor Outdoor Thermometer
Jennifer D asked me, What one thing has change the most about you in 16 years of travel
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She Interviewed Me, So I Made Video of Reporter Jennifer Decker Herald Republican KPC News
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World Malaria Day 2014 Five Calls to Actions by Andy Graham
Wednesday update of Andy Lee Graham for Ask Andy Show April 24, 2014
Tim K ask, What type of Camera I use for Travel Photos
Richard S says, I wish I had the guts to travel
Patrick R says, Andy your repeating countries, Do you have plans for new
Robert B ask, Please make videos of places where I can live on SSD Social Security Disability
AirBnB Rooms Versus the Hotel Industry of New York City
Yippee My 1st Book, The Rules of Travel is Sold on April 21, 2014
Christopher W asked: What is your long term plan as a World Traveler
Tim K ask Is the Language Esperanto used or Pure Hype
Robert D ask Is it difficult to open Bank accounts with FATCA?
Lenora S sasy, ,Avoid the Deferred Life Plan
Nancy N wants to know, Why did you leave Africa suddenly
Tristan Hicks Explains to Andy about Reverse Culture Shock When Returning to USA
Andrew's Boy Genius Wife, Anabel Wants to know when I sleep, and if ever
Jacquie C ask: What are some Quaint and Affordable Cities in Europe?
What is my Normal Drink on Airplane
Normally I Make Instant Coffee in Airport, but Instead Paid 9 Dollars
United Airlines has Chicken Meal on Plane that Started with SHIT-ake
I am in USA, My Father Died, We will Celebrate the Life of My Father Jerold Graham
Paul V ask Explain finding a Hotel just Off Plane
Joel H ask Who were mentors and inspirations
Phil J Washington State What is best guide book
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Andy's Wednesday Update On Where at, Why, Plans, What doing from Lome Togo March 4
Paul V asked, How to find a hotel just off the plane. The 1-2 day, the move strategy
Joel H asked, Who are Mentors or Inspirational People
Phil J asked, What is the best Guidebook ,maybe Lonely Planet
Yahoo Mail is Out of Control VERY difficult for a Traveler to use, and Gmail the Same
Cannot read the Computer Screen, Too Small This Tip Explains Fast Way
Jeffrey R USA ask is Mumbai India best for 5-6 Dental Implant, or Where
Toffee Candy, made from Coconut and Sugar the Old Lady Says
Bellevue Hotel Restaurant, Where I made answers to questions video explained
Jame asked, do I have a strategy on how to travel until I die
Elizabeth from Minnesota wants to hear story of street justice abroad
James wants to know if I have been to Cebu, and does he need to book a room
Mom sells Dads Truck, and Letting Lose Can Live
Elizabeth asked, At what age do Togo people Marry