As We Get Closer to Russia, The Toilet Paper Has No Center Core
Trip to Tiraspol Hostel in Transnistria
Funky Mamaliga Hostel in Moldova
Don't Plug in Electric Heater and Computer in Same Outlet
Trip From Bucharest Romania to Chisinua Moldova
I Met Edwin from Romania On Bus From Bucharest Romania to Chisinau Moldova
This Netherlands Man Makes Applications for Smart Phones, He Was in Moldova Outsourcing
Sit Close to Bus Driver for Best AC or Heat
The Boiled Egg Is a Great Traveler Snack
The Is The Number One Way to Get Robbed in a Hostel
The Cozyness Hostel in Bucharest Romania
Random 5 Second Clips of Bucharest Romania
Cuartin Asked, Why Don't You Teach English, Seems Perfect for Hobo Traveler?
Jerod Asked, Have You Met Travelers With Allergies?
I Ate At Very Nice Restaurant in Bucharest Romania With Mia Romania Girl
Mia a Romania Girl Treated Me to a Ham and Cheese Bagel for .75 Cents USD
It is Cold in Romania, I Am a LONG LONG Way from Paradise
Send Money McDonald's I Test The French Fries in Bucharest, Romania They Need to Work on Oil
Video of a Super Hot Sexy Romania Girl Living in My Hostel in Romania
Interview of American Citizen That Collects Socks to Give to Poor People in Romania
Wizzair Is Super Cheap, But The Allow Less Baggage Than Ryanair. I Also Filmed Dancer From Malta
The Airport Bus Driver Did Not Give Me A Receipt, So Who Know, I Think He Was Trying to Pocket It
I Think The Lockers For These Bunk Beds Are the Best I Know On Planet
Hey Travel Bloggers, There is a Hostel in Malta That Wants Travel Bloggers to Visit And Live For Free
Why I Travel The World? Why You Should Travel The World? The Answer is More Surprising
Bob from Ann Arbor Asked, What Do You Wish You Could Have Packed, But Did Not Because of Ryanair or Wizz?
Nelson H Asked, What Is Best Way to Ask Questions of Andy Lee Graham?
How To Use a British Electrical Outlets Without Buying Another Adapter
Dialog of Me Installing Secret Pockets and Why 2 Pockets in Pants
Video Showing The Hostel Malti in Country of Malta More Fun Than Hotels
Wolf Asked, How Much Gear is Brought, and How Much Gear is Brought?
Cuartin Asked, How Many Broad Level Cultures on the Planet?
I Ate a Date Pastry in Valleta Malta
Paceville The Land of Strippers and Party in Malta
Wire Ties Have Many Uses for Security
Ada Asked, Can The World Press Be Trusted To Tell Us The Truth About Ebola
Wayne Asked Did You Ever Get Sick on Food or Water in Travels?
I Went into McDonalds in Valleta Malta to Buy Egg McMuffin and They Wanted 3.25 Euro TOO EXPENSIVE
There is Electric Taxis in Malta in Valleta
The Best Beach for St Julians in Malta is St Georges Bay in Paceville
Ferry in Malta to Valleta
The Best Thing About Malta for Tourist and Retired People Is 1.50 Euro Day Pass for Buses
Melissa Wants To Know How I Manage Motion Sickness, I Get It Easily
Bonnie Asked, How Does One Locate a Missing Person in Saint Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands
I Show How I Can Hand Sew Secret Pockets Into Swim Shorts in 10 Minutes
I Have Yet to Find a Good Beach for Daily Use in Malta, Not Really St Julian or Sliema Beach
McDonalds Send Money, I Tested French Fries in Malta, And They Need Some Work
A Romantic Custom in Malta, Putting Locks on Bridges to Declare Love
A Typical Food of Malta Pastizzi Pastry With Cheese Pastizzi Tal Irkotta
Haitham Asked,Did You Travel in Any Arab Countries? Can You Explain Trip to Iraq
Bob the Squid Heard Greek Profanity in the Background of My Video
I Am Staying at Hostel Malti in Malta - Here Is The Roof Top BBQ
Malta Trivia - Here is 4 Pieces of Trivia
A Typical Food of Malta is Rabbit - I Ate Rabbit or Fenek in Malta
Jim S Asked, Where Are You Going in Ukraine
Malta Make a 500 Pound Round Stone Ball Float
Malta is a Great Jogger Friendly Country In Front of Ocean
My First Impression of Malta With No Pre-Reading, Research Before The Walk
Haitham Asked, Have You Visited Arab Countries? And, Why No Videos?
Rodney Asked, How Has Andy the 45 Travel Changed from the 55 Year Old Traveler Mind Soul and Cash Flow
The Pizza of Venice Italy Was Horrible, I Inspect At Least 10 Different Pizza Places
Leaving the Hostel in Venice Italy and Taking Ryanair Flight to Malta, And Arriving at Hostel Malti
Chris Asked, What Is The Best Way to Travel in Kenya
Larry Asked, Do You Recommend Going to El Salvador Central America
An Italian Man Singing from Front of a Gondola in Venice Italy
I Would Think That Clacking Shoes Would Drive a Girl Crazy
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You Need to Travel to Venice While You Are Young, Maybe Under 40
Brian Asked, Are You Returning Home More, and When Will You Stop Traveling
Don J Asked, Why Did You Not Coordinate Country Number 100 With Your Yearly Travel Anniversary
There Are Water Buses in the City of Venice Italy
Interview With Hao Hao A Chinese Digital Nomad, He Is Extremely Well Equipped
By My Estimate More Than 50 Percent of Building in Venice Italy Are Vacant
Many 5 Second Clips of The City of Venice Italy
Video With Many Gondolas in Venice Italy, and Learn How Much One Cost
Tony I Asked Why Don't You Upgrade to Lockers or Room for Safety
Thanks for Your Description of Blog, It is Now a Featured Blog on Top 25
I Need Recommendations on GPS App That Works Without Internet Connection
No Italians in Venice, But Many Bangladesh, Russia, Nigeria etc.
I Used the Travel Security Training Kit to Make a Secure Location to Lock up Computer in Athens Greece
Chinese Boy Wants Noodles for Breakfast, Even When Breakfast is Free
I Stayed in Hostel L'Imbarcadero Venice, Italy
Getting Off the Train in Venice Italy and Finding the Hostel
The Trip from Pisa Tower Hostel in PIsa, Italy to the City of Venice Italy
McDonalds, Send Money, I Test Breakfast Egg McMuffin in Pisa Italy
Long Version of My Visit to The Leaning Hour of Pisa in Italy
Learning Tower of Pisa -- Think of This, We are Celebrating a Major Screw Up
Ryanair Flight to Pisa Italy, The City With Learning Tower of Pisa
Ryanair is Cheap, But Difficult, In this Video I Show the Size for Cabin Bags
I Thought I Would Save on Thinking, So I Followed 3 Canadians to Airport, But Turned Out Silly
I Take Notes on My Hand
I Prefer Buses for Travel, and Not Trains, But Trains Are More Comfortable
I Demonstrate for Real How I Use the Travel Safety Training KIt
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Athens Greece Has Many Problems
A Travel Knows the Difference Between Paradise and What Is Not
I Ran Into The Same Food at Almost Every Train or Bus Station in Southeastern Europe
A FIRST - I Needed to Pay Extra for a Hot Shower in a Hostel
There Are Times When You Don't Pay, Because People Make it Too Complicated
Brian Asked Many Question, But Mainly I Answer Why I Travel Fast in Europe