Mom Graham Packing Her Suitcase and Weighing It Preparing For Flight
Here is a Problem With the Quick Dry Travelers Wash Cloth
Jereon Has Made Himself Available to Talk Too on HoboTraveler - Follow Jeroen Now
Talking to Mom in Minus 7 Weather Because We Are Going to Lake Atitlan Guatemala
Made a Travel Light Using a 15 Foot Extension Cord, Plus a Lamp, All Parts Can Be Purchased at Menards
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The Greyhound Trip from Toronto, Canada to South Bend Indiana
Don't Use Free Standing ATM Machines Not Connected With Bank
At Greyhound Station I Explain That a Travelers Will Work for Better Value
CN Tower in Toronto Canada With Dale, We Ate at 360 Restaurant
SATA Airlines to Toronto Canada
Hostels Don't Seem to Even Consider Providing Way to Dry A Towel
Demonstration on How Handy My Keychain Flightlight is Hostel
City of Ponta Delgada in The Azores Islands
Europe Has Microwave Hamburgers, Never Listen to Crap
Hostel Pousada de Juventude de Ponta Delgada Azores
Leaving Hostel in Dusseldorf German, Walking to Train, Going to Airport, The Flying on Air Berlin
This Airplane Travel Tip is Needed, Be Last One on Plane, and Look For 3 Seat Lay Down
I Wear Reeboks One-Half Size Too Small, and Never Tie So I Can Slip Off in Thailand, and In Planes
Tested Egg McMuffin in Dusseldorf Germany Airport, NO Canadian Bacon
This is Crazy - I Am Excited In Europe When I Found One Hostel That Does Laundry Great
Don't Book Small Hotels or Hostels Directly, We Do Not Want Our Credit Card In Many Places
Here is The Simple Reason Why Americans Are Fatter Than Europeans
Never Worry About Hostels, Each Room Make More Money Than a 5 Star Hotel Per Room
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Travel Tip from Jeroen, Close The Safe Door to Make a Target For Theft
Truly Do not Like 5 Star Business Hotels, With the Cheap Ones, I get My Monies Worth
The Blue Mosque, Nice to Actually Be Able to Point Camera are Mosque
Self-Service Hotel Upgrade by Visiting Other Hotel Rooms
There is ALWAYS a Too Dark to See Spot in Hotel, Here is the Solution
My Pegasus Airline Flight from Antalya to Istanbul Turkey
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Planning a Trip to Europe in Fall to Avoid Tourist Rush of Summer was BAD Idea
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Cat Lovers, Here is a Loveable Cat Sharing Our Breakfast in Abad Hotel in Antalya Turkey
When Entering an Airport, After Check In, Go Directy to Gate to Check, Before Wandering About
A Hostel Hotel in Antalya, Turkey Called the Abad Hostel
In The Middle of Rain Storm, The Hotel in Antalya Turkey is Not Open
I Believe the Hotel in Antalya Turkey Was Serving Extremely Bad Juice for Breakfast
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2000 Comments on a Facebook Page About Alcoholism Was Crazy
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Mom Graham Spanish Class Number 5
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Recording Problems, Spanish Lesson 2, We Upgraded Skype and Recorder AAGH
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Travel Huddle Defined for
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