Video USA Road Trip Van of Andy Lee Graham of


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You should have gotten one of those rear wheel drive Ford E series cargo van (with no windows) with the smaller engine so you have more privacy. The adding of windows to a van design makes it less suitable for living in.

Looks like yer ready to Roll! Just might need a Hobotraveler cartoon on a window or maybe as a magnet sign for the door! Pays to advertise - Hopefully it Pays. Still it´s Stylin´!

You can a higher resale when it comes time to sell again if sold in an "off-road" State, like Montana, Wyoming or Idaho. 4WD´s get a premium price thereabouts, so you might beat your purchase price of $1,700 (which was good). Also, if you´ve insured it but forget and leave the keys in it ... same-same. Triple AAA sells insurance, does trip routing with free Trip-Tik´s and good Maps, has Road Assistance and is where you can get an Internationl Driver´s License - good to have!

I will go to the Sign Shoppe here in Fort Wayne, I think they can make full vinyl cover ads for the windows on both side cheap enough. This will help on light also. I will say something like USA Road Trip, by Andy Graham Perpetual world traveler, 14 years etc.

If you want an uniterrupted sleep inside your van you might want to not put a sign advertising you are a Andy the Hobo World Traveler because if you are tucked into bed and parked in a parking lot of residential street you want to blend in and become invisible. That's why those white cargo vans are the best because everyone will just thing you are a work van parked and leave you in complete privacy.

Also what are you planning on doing for license plates? Are you registering in Indianna? Since you have been gone for 14 years you should know that each state is money hungry and trying to get license plate fees out of everyone possible so never admit to living in a state which is out of the state you are registered in just say you are on a temporary vacation.

I did not see one mini-van cargo van for sale. I can use advertising on the side as a business card, a credibility thing to get free hotel room. My plates and title will soon be mailed to my Indiana parent home.

Another tip is to get an AARP card. You will get 10 off Motel 6 so usually you can find a Motel 6 at $35.99 per night with the discount.

A magnet sign comes off in a jif when it´s time to saw logs - whiteVan is best to my thinking also but like anything you should get the one you want and when the price's right like Andy´s doing. He´s just as likely to park in a girlfriend´s driveway as anywhere else. Ha, this is Andy, jjj. A 4WD cost another grand on a lot in my experience and he could sell it tomorrow and make money.

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