Yabelo Ethiopia

Yabelo, Ethiopia
There is an abrupt cultural change from Hagere Marrian to the city of Yabelo, the local’s changes from normal western clothes to half Islamic and half tribal.

Yabelo, Ethiopia
East Africa
Friday, March 27, 2009

I got a room in the center of Yabelo, I missed the tourist Yabello Hotel, that I am told is at the junction. There are Tuk Tuk Bajaj Taxis that make the trip for 2-10 Birr, according to whether you negotiate for the five kilometer trip from the junction leading south to the city center of Yabelo.

The Hotel appears to be standard Ethiopia Boom Boom Hotel, heavy on the bar and light on the rooms.

I was waiting until 11 for the man to have sheets put on the bed and finally realized nobody needed a room in this town until after dark, therefore my idea of relaxing in the room was not a priority with sheets. I lay down on the bed, the Islamic loudspeaker system started blaring, I look at the time, and it was 11:00 am.

Hmm, Moyale or Mega, I decided to leave took another Bajaj to the junction for 2 Birr, paid 20 Birr for a Bus and left for Mega, Ethiopia. So much for Yabelo, seen one Boom Boom Hotel in Ethiopia and you have seen them all…

Camel Crossing on Road to Mega

Yabelo, Ethiopia


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