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Work at Home Mothers Scammed by Ads

There is an advertisement that is a scam in my opinion; it preys on naïve mothers sitting at home, another get rich scheme.

A reader by the name of Ed sent me an e-mail asking,
"Is this real?"

This is a conspiracy to take advantage of naïve readers, and because she is buying a lot of advertisement from these large sites, they agree to write about her.

As an expert on the Internet, I know that of the people who actually start web sites, only about 1 in 50,000 actually makes more than 100 per day. I have made over 200 dollars per day on the Internet, and it is becoming increasing difficult to make money honestly. I started 11 years ago, and would not recommend this business to average people. (MOM)

Yes, this is possible, but this person is willing to make outlandish promises, and sell a product whereby incredibly small portions of people are happy and satisfied. If only one in 50,000 succeeds, he or she may not technically be a liar, but to me it is swindle.

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There is a forum on the Internet called "Webmaster World," it is full of people trying to make money using the Internet. This is a better place to start your research if you think you are the 1 in 50,000 who has the ability to earn money in this business.

I challenge you to find one person who is making 5000 dollars per month on the Internet, and make friends with them. Are you friends with a person who is making money with just a web site, there are 1000 making web sites, but do you know anybody earning money with advertisers?

I know about 10 people making in excess of 4000 USD per month, and they are not going to sit around talking to foolish people with a snowballs chance in hell of succeeding.

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Work at Home Mothers Scammed by Ads


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