Why Go to Uganda

Why Go to Uganda
If I was going to offer one reason to come to Uganda, it would be the road from Kabale, to Kisoro, after that I would say the country can be skipped without a problem. The road reminds me of the road outside of Katmandu, Nepal. The local farmer have carved out terraces with their hoes. The world here is green, the mountains climb, there is a majestic feel, and it finally feels like I left the city. This is the first time my preconceived ideas of Uganda, the idea of Gorillas, the idea of Jungle, the idea of visiting remote and wild areas seems real.

It cost 500 Dollars to go and see Gorillas, I will pass on the Gorillas, however the Pygmies are tempting and I think they are free. Hmm, that sounds bad; however, there really are Pygmy tours.

Where are the pictures, well… they packed 8 people into a car meant for 5, the transportation was a problem. I hope to take a motorcycle taxi just outside the city to take some photos tomorrow.

Kisoro, Uganda
East Africa
Wednesday, May 13, 2009


As best I understand today, Dian Fossey who wrote a book “Gorillas in the Mist,” is supposed to have regularly stayed in a Hotel here in Kisoro. I am still lost here in Kisoro, it is just a flat spot on land with a lot of buildings. However, I can feel the mountains here in Kisoro. I can feel the Gorillas in the Mist; however, I am not going to pay 500 Dollars to see Gorillas.

Is this the most expensive tourism on the planet?

Why Go to Uganda


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Ive wanted to visit Uganda ever since I saw Gorillas in the Mist as a kid. $500 for gorilla trekking. I didnt know it was that expensive. Am just curious, are there any other reasons why you wont see the gorillas?

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