Where am I Verizon BlackBerry and Google Maps

Where am I Verizon BlackBerry and Google Maps
I can never shake the feeling, there is a constant question playing ping-pong in my brain, I want to know
“Where am I?”

I have always been a little lost for the last 11-12 years. Now, thanks to the BlackBerry and Google.com Maps, I know where I am, but I am not sure I am happy.

I just took a bus from Bauang, Philippines in the province of La Union on the island of Luzon to Manila, Philippines. The truth is, I probably was happier not knowing where I was or the route I took to the Malate, Mabini, Ermita area of Metro Manila. I am a little frustrated now with the Bus Conductor.

Malate Ermita Mabini Philippines
Southeast Asia
Monday, September 21, 2009
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This is more or less the path I took from Bauang to Manila.

I told the bus conductor,
“Tell me when to get off for Malate, Ermita…”

I took this photo with my cell phone; I was located at the North end of this gigantic city called Manila, Philippines.

I took the Verizon BlackBerry Storm out of my pocket just north of Manila and got the GPS working. I could then follow my progress by looking at Blue Dot or that big Icon, I have no idea where it came from, and it must be new.

I got on Google Maps and copied a better view of the path we took; I wanted to go to Malate, Ermita in the fastest way possible.

If you look close you can see I am not at the bottom of the Manila bypass.

The Conductor finally decided to let me off when he saw a Jeepney going to Mabini. It was humorous to me, but ignorance is bliss, I truly wish I did not know how I got here to this jeepney pickup. I was asking myself, did he think in term of money or speed. I know the answer. One of the ugly facts of travel, normally the locals do not look at maps, they know the way in a round about way, not by looking at maps, this may very well have been the quickest path to him. On the other hand, I could explain what I believe happened, and I am sure a few of you know what I think. What would have been the best place to depart this bus?

Here is a video I made a few weeks ago on the way to the Clark Airport in Angeles City, Philippines. I truly believe these Google Maps and the BlackBerry with the Verizon Global Data access could replace the guidebooks. The big value here is the internet access to Google.com Maps in 177 plus countries. I can seamless travel around the planet and answer the question.
“Where am I?”


If you do not see a video here it is because you are reading by email, click here to see video.

I should have used this in Bangkok, Thailand. I never know my location and I refuse to try to learn. I can tell you the price of a taxi to Panthip, Mochip Bus stop, the airport, but I cannot point a map and tell you where Khao San Road is located. It just is not important, it is the cost, time and ability to effectively reach my destination that is important.

As you can see, maybe it would be better if I did not know the path I took to my Hotel here in Manila.

However, thank you Verizon BlackBerry Storm and Google.com Maps, I now will never feel lost, only a frustrated.

Where am I Verizon BlackBerry and Google Maps


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I still use printed maps. It was quite hard to print Google maps but now I am using the serviceTakemaps for printing maps and it makes my life easier. It is easy to setup the map exactly for any printer there.

how did you activated po ung verizon wireless blackberry phone nyo po? pls answer. im frustrated with my smartphone, i bought it about 4 months ago but till now, im not enjoying some of its features and i could say i put the blame in the verizon wireless. Im smart network user. so pano po iyon? salamt po.

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