When were the Glory Days of Haiti Ayiti

The architecture of a city can tell me when the people were smiling. I believe there are “glory days” for buildings in a city and the culture of the people who built them.

This is a church located in an older glory days of the city of Les Cayes, Haiti. Behind this church, more or less surrounding this church is the city market; there is one large building where inside is sold fresh fruits and vegetables.

Les Cayes or Aux Cayes, Haiti - Ayiti - Saturday, November 14, 2009
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I know we all think we are pretty smart, that we know about the world, however in reality the glory days of specific cities and cultures change. In the small span of the 12 years time, I have been traveling the economy of Ireland called the Celtic Tiger leaped into its Glory Days, rolled over, and fell asleep.

The world changes, right now Haiti is the poster child for poverty and economic woes, a Nation occupied by the United Nations, however there were glory days.

Glory Days of Les Cayes
Did you know that Christopher Columbus visited this island on his first trip, and Simón Bolívar came to Les Cayes, Haiti to stock up to go liberate countries in South America or be a land pirate in my view. Les Cayes is birthplace of American naturalist John James Audubon. Henry Morgan the Pirate used the Ile a Vache off the coast of Les Cayes as a base. President Lincoln experimented with sending emancipated slaves here.

The word OK is suppose to have originated from “Aux Cayes,” mean the rum was OK.

There was a day when movie stars came to Haiti to bask in the sun, somehow, somewhere current events creates an indelible image in our simple minds that stops us from understanding the world. Travel enables us to be time travelers, to see yesterday, today and tomorrow.

When were the Glory Days of Haiti - Ayiti


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Aloha from Hawaii! Here visiting our daughter for 3 weeks then back to the Philippines. Enjoyed the "fun facts to know and share" in this post. . I have often compared traveling the world to going back in history in a "time machine". How's the "scenery" on the beaches? Have FUN!

Dear Andy ,It was certainly glorious in the 50s and 60s in the days bedore Papa Doc . It seems you have failed to find any of the uninhibited joy that I experienced on that magic island 50 years ago , consiquentlly resorting to a blog of ations like the other day..
At aged 15 I read ...." Home keeping youths have ever homely wits,
I rather would entreat thy company to see the wonders of the world abroad
Than, living slugardized at home , wear out thy youth in shapless idleness'
Then I discovered Richard Halliburton and took the Bards advice.
Unfortunately it now seems I must follow your advice and forget about a return Trip .
How long are you planning to stay ? Maybe there is hope on the horizon. try Jacmel or the Cap .
Best wishes , Robin

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