Wash Clothes by Hand Video Travel Tip

This video below will teach you an easy way to wash clothes by hand, something all good explorers’ needs to learn when you fall off the beaten path. I do not like to wash clothes by hand, I think the only way to avoid this task is to stop traveling, I would say all good travelers have a few laundry stories.

Why do I have my foot in the bucket? Watch the videos below for the answer.

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Monday, January 25, 2010
By Andy Graham of HoboTraveler.com
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A professional photographer will carry two cameras; this is one of the identifiers.

A professional traveler can tell you clothes washing stories, one of the identifiers. I truly wish to avoid this duty, after 12 years of travel, I accept it goes with the job.

Wash Clothes by Hand Video Travel Tip


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i'm not traveling, however, i still found this very useful. i have a uniform that i would prefer to wash by hand separately because of the color dye. if i use the dryer and washer, the dye may ruin my other clothes and fade the color in my uniform.

There are many strategies to clean clothes by hand, generally it requires you have great muscles in your hands and capable of bending over. To wash clothes in the shower is an old trick, but truly not a good wash, more of a half-wash. This is a true washing of clothes and works great when a person does not grungy their clothes by wearing for days.

This is the first clean your clothes by foot I've ever seen. Another terrific gem from the HoboTraveller. I am surprised that ladies the worldover,down by the river, don't use this methodology to lessen their fatigue.

Hadn't been able to navigate at the site recently, but I think you should ignore the hate mail, just be Andy.

The foot technique in washing clothes is often used in Eastern Countries. Some women even carry their laundry to the river and then wash clothes there. There is a certain wood panel used to hit the clothes to loosen up clothes fibers. It is not the best way to clean clothes though if you have delicate stuff but it works well for jeans and other tougher fabrics. Plus, you can conserve water and energy. If you have a washer and you need to conserve, just pre-treat stains and soak your clothes in solution overnight and then just wash it the next morning using cold water cycle.

I really like this method and have used it three times in the past month with great success. It is really interesting to see how gross the wash and rinse water become.

One thing I did to modify your method was to use shampoo instead of dedicated laundry soap. I wear mostly natural fiber clothes, and hair is also a natural fiber. So if it is good for the hair, it should be good for the clothing. (Merino wool and silk, being the fibers I have used shampoo with.)

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